Let the Huel Begin 2019

So, after a lot of thought and review reading my Huel order was delivered today.

I am super excited in what I can achieve. I am planning to use it for breakfast and lunch with a cooked dinner. I will use MyFitnessPal to track progress and intake. As I struggle to get the correct intake of what is required given my exercise routine and desk job.

I tend to work out 3 to 4 days a week with weights and cardio and I am looking at losing around 2 stone over a period of time to be defined. I am 6ft and 16.5st now and wouldn’t class myself overweight more carrying a bit to much timber, which can hold my training back.

Having done some reading it suggests if I am looking to lose wight I should be aiming for around 1800 calories a day which sounds low tbh. Any advice greatly received and I will post my experiences as I move forward.

Happy New Year all.

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Hi and welcome!

Have you calculated your BMR and TDEE? Those numbers are great to figure out an idea of calories you can consume per day and still lose weight. I easily burn 2600 calories having a sedentary job but cycling to and from it (an hour per day) and going on a short walk during lunch (20 minutes). I’m 1.68m and 77 kgs ATM. Based on that, 1800 calories strikes me as quite low for you. Investing in a Fitbit might be a good idea!

  • Edit: not implying that 1800 calories would be too little. Just saying if you do feel that doesn’t fill you up enough, you’re likely burning a whole lot more.
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1800 a day is feasible. If you ease into huel and work up to 4 400c meals with no snacking you should find you are full enough to not be hungry. I found that when I did huel 100 percent I was eating that much and was never hungry despite being quite active. Thereby reached my goal weight quickly.

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Thank you for the advice, running through the TDEE it suggest 2100 calories to maintain based on moderate activity. I guess its a trial and error.

Given I work from home, I am not moving a lot and I struggle to get close to 10k steps or the 600 active calories my iWatch is set to, so maybe the 1700/1800 is a good place to start and see how I get on to reduce weight.

On the days I go to the gym, the 500 active calories is typicallly always hit, so many more Huel on gym days?


That sounds sensible! On days I’m embarrassingly inactive I only burn 1700 calories too, so :sweat_smile: take it day by day.

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So having reviewed my iWatch to my surprise it tells me the following:

Daily average active calorie burn is 550 Kcals and my resting Kcal is 1600 Kcal, if i am undertstanding it correctly this suggests on average I am burning 2150 a day.

So maybe my initial thought of 1700/1800 is in the ball park.

This has made me think I need to be move active :frowning_man:

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@Moon try being 5ft nothing… on a day I do ‘nowt’ I’m lucky if I burn 1200 calories :frowning: which is a bummer when you love your food. On the bright side, although 1200 calories of food leaves me ravenous, 1200 calories of Huel, and I feel totally fine. God I love Huel


Thank you everyone. I will keep you posted and happy new year!

I’d ignore the watch. Aim for 1800…see how you get on after 2 weeks. reevaluate it then. i would imagine you should be losing a little. but yes, most people need to be more active.

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