My huel journey

Hey everyone !
I’d just like to share what huel has done for me,
My first order was on 12 June !
I weighed 97.5kg,
Iv often read the forum but this is my first time posting.
I do no exercise, but am very active through my job.
I have 2 scoops of huel 3 times a day in 400ml of water, don’t bother fridging overnight or anything fancy ! I split mine up into, 3 sandwich bags and then mix and drink straight away. I then have an evening meal but nothing too healthy really ! I was very strict for the first 6 weeks but Iv relaxed off in the last 9/10 weeks. But I still have my 3 shakes. Everyday. And takeaways and beer on a weekend.
Iv just weighed myself tonight ! And it’s probably nearly 4 months to the day I started. And I now weigh… dum dum dum 82.4kg
This stuff really works!
I just wanted to share my story. Iv got a bit to go! 80kg was my target. But I’m thinking 75kg.
I’m 5ft 8. 26 years old. But quite big build.

Just hope my experience helps !

Luke !


Great stuff - glad you’re doing well with Huel