Huel Newbie and Lifestyle Change

Hello all,

I’m new to Huel and just received my package today.

To cut a very long story short, I’m 27 years old, I used to be fit, healthy and in very good shape. I boxed semi professionally at 14st 10lb, ran 10km every other day with ease, could bench press 140kg, squat 160kg and deadlift 180kg. Also took part in events such as tough mudder and Spartan very regularly.

This all ended about 3 years ago when I changed jobs, started working permenant nights, drinking after work to help me sleep and eating like a small horse.

I’m currently 18 stone and lost any muscle that I had when I was training. I’ve had bowel and bladder problems due to a poor diet and I’m suffering with a bad back and bad knees not helped by the extra weight I’m carrying.

I’m also lethargic, haven’t got the energy I used to have and could happily spend the day in front of the telly with a pizza and a family pack of crisps.

It’s been a nice 3 years, albeit a lazy 3 years. But today it changes…

I aren’t promising to be 100% Huel, although I will be 80-90% Huel with only lean meat making up the remainder. I won’t be getting carbs or fats from elsewhere.

I’ve just had my first Huel shake (vanilla) made with 570ml water and 114g Huel. Which is 467 calories.

I plan to have a Huel shake at 2pm after training (I sleep till Approx midday), another snake before work at Approx 6-7pm and a shake midway through my shift so Approx midnight. I will then have the lean meat if I hungry when I get home as I cannot sleep when I am hungry.

This will be approx 1500-1600 calories which is pretty substantial calorie defecit for me.

Wish me luck and hopefully speak to some of you soon.



Welcome to the family mate. Congrats for giving it a go, all I can say is stick with it, you’ll be amazed at the results.

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Best of luck to you matey - you will be amazed at how soon you feel fully in control of yourself

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I have just received my first order (Vanilla and a toffee flavour pack) and I’m excited to give it a go.

I’m at a similar stage to you, 17st and want to get back to 13st and gain some muscle back.

I’m also aiming for around 1500 calories but I’m going 100% Huel hopefully.

Good luck and keep us updated.

Just a quick update. Yesterday I was Approx 80% Huel. The only other calories coming from a tin of tuna and a packet of lean roast beef.

Total calories were 1490.

Today Approx the same, 80% Huel. Remaining calories coming from a John west tuna light lunch and a packet of lean roast beef.

Total for today including the Huel shake I will have at 9pm will be 1773.

I feel less bloated and more energetic already. Although I have got a banging head. Probably my body getting used to not having a sugar fix every hour. Haha.


It could also be that you are not getting enough water, how much do you drink per day at the moment? I drink 3 ltrs a day because on 2 ltrs I also used to get headaches etc

I’m drinking loads mate. Have a litre within the first hour of waking up. Another litre before work. And then take 4 litres to work with me and usually have at least 3 of these. (I work nights).

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