Huel soon get to know me

… apologies for the terrible pun!

I have browsed the website for a while, with weightloss in mind.

Although I am very active and have managed to lose around 2.5 stone by myself, I have plateaud and am adage to the saying you can exercise your way through a bad diet.

I took the plunge this week and ordered my first 2 bags and the flavour pouch. First excited shake was in the shaker and water only, I used too much water and um it was ok, but not great. I now use 2/3 shakes a day, 200ml unsweetened almond milk, 200ml water in the 900ml nutrininja bottle with ice, sometimes frozen berries. I have also used cinnamon, myprotein flavourdrops (chocolate peanut was awesome) and standard Huel. I eat a snack(s) on training days, like a natural ceral bar and or banana and in the evening a home cooked meal (I’m pescatarian). If I am hungry in the evening I have a one scoop straight up Huel.

I love that even so far Huel has taken away the stress of shopping for breakfast and lunch, no more meal deal catastrophes! Using MyFitnessPal I am on a 500 calorie deficit, my training usually comes in 500-700 calories depending on duration and exertion, all measure with HR and Power Output.

I cycle-train at least 5 days a week, first thing in the morning c.6:30am in my dedicated pain cave at home(garage), on a road bike and smart-trainer. In the summer I ride a lot outdoors. Straight riding is around 100 miles a week, training because of intensity and HIIT training comes in 40-60 miles when dedicated.

So hi! Glad I found this place and here’s to accountability.

Age: 42
Gender: Female
Height: 5’11"
Overall Starting Weight: 308lbs
Huel Starting Weight 23/01/18: 274lbs

30/01/18: 271.2lbs

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WHAT??? … myprotein do ‘chocolate peanut’ flavour drops? … why didn’t I know this before? Been trying to re-create Reese’s pieces style Huel for a while (green & blacks cocoa + powdered peanut butter … pretty close). Might have to sample…

On your post. Sounds like you’ve got a decent plan of action (spookily similar to my own / differing workouts though) … keep it up & keep consistent. Innit.

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Yeah, they do quite a few different ones…jolly nice too.

Yeh they work really well with the vanilla, that is a nice treat. They do a fair few, I have toffee, while chocolate, chocolate peanut butter and raspberry. That’s the only one I’ve tried so far…

Thanks for the encouragement, it’s a bit hardcore but I love the bike :crazy_face: