One month on Huel - journey so far

Hi all - I’m a 23 yr old woman standing at 5ft1. Over the past 2 years my weight has fluctuated between about 10st and 10st13lbs. I don’t have much willpower when it comes to resisting cravings etc so I thought I would try Huel.

My diet

Before Huel I had a pretty horrendous diet - I didn’t control anything I ate: sometimes 3 or 4 takeaways in one week, loads of bread, loads of cheese, crisps, chips, you name it, everything in excess.

I’ve been eating Huel twice a day for breakfast and lunch since 23 March (with a couple of exceptions where I’ve been away so only had one Huel meal). I have 2 scoops for breakfast and 3 scoops for lunch, and usually add a teaspoon of instant coffee to the shaker. I’ve been using vanilla but on my next order I’ll be trying unsweetened as the vanilla is a little too sweet for me (hence adding the coffee). My evening meal is calorie-controlled, usually something low-carb and high-protein. I aim to eat 1300 calories a day, (104g protein, 121g carb, 54g fat) and I’ve found that Huel fits into that nicely, leaving me around 600kcal for a satisfying evening meal.

Exercise regime

In terms of exercise, I have a part time desk job and I am doing my PhD at the moment, both of which are quite sedentary activities! I’m training for the London to Brighton bike ride in June and road cycling about 20miles per week, plus I go to a 60-minute spin class on Tuesday nights. I have tried the gym before but it’s definitely not for me!


I’m 5ft1 and my starting weight before Huel was 10st13lbs (my heaviest ever weight). I believe for my age and height my ‘ideal’ weight is around 8st9lbs, but my goal is to get to around 9st1lbs, which was how much I weighed before I went to uni!

How Huel is going…

In my first week on Huel I lost 4lbs, which I put down to water weight. After that the weight loss slowed down and now I’m at 10st6.5lbs after just under 4 weeks (total weight loss of 6.5lbs). Over the last week or so I have been fluctuating up and down from about 10st6.5lbs to 10st8lbs (I think this is because I had a very off-the-wagon bank holiday weekend: BBQ and Easter eggs!).

I hope to continue to lose weight consistently until I reach my goal weight. I’m enjoying Huel and although I get a lot of cravings for things like crisps and chocolate (especially as it has just been Easter - plus I live with a family of junk food lovers so our kitchen cupboards are always filled up with crap!) I’m not finding it too difficult to manage those cravings.

Anyway… that’s me! It’s my first time posting on the forum so I thought I would introduce myself and say hi. I would love to hear your suggestions about how I can improve my regime to meet my weight loss goals. Cheers :slight_smile: