Question? Has anybody who's body is in S O S used huel to try to kick start everything

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

Hey there! Welcome to the Huel Community and the forum!

What sort of stuff do you need advice on? There’s loads of people here, myself included, who would love to help out. :blush:

Hi thanks. My nephew gave me some of his huel just over a week ago to try and I’m feeling quite good on it. The question is for my girlfriend. She’s showing all the signs of low thyroid function I.e weight gain cold hands swelling fingers and face ect. Her labs have come back normal and the doctor seems reluctant to do anything blames lifestyle!! .She’s vegetarian and eats very little. I’ve done a little research and think she’s possibly in what’s known as sos and was wondering if everything in huel could help to kick start her metabolism etc .regards
By eating very little I mean compared to the weight gain

Vegetarian and eating very little are red flags there. Deficiencies perhaps?

The labs don’t lie, so I’d believe them if they advise lifestyle is the cause.

Huel can probably help. Perhaps a couple of meals a day would turn things around?

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She has an omelette with mushrooms and veg most mornings gluten free bars in the day at work and vegetable stir fry and quinoa or brown rice in an evening

Oops… I typed “Huel can’t help” but meant Huel can probably help!

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I have a very low thyroid output and have been taking Thyroxine for 5 years now. For the last 11 months I have also been consuming Huel. My last blood test results on my thyroid and liver function were the best I have had, so I am sticking to Huel for the forseeable future.

One further point, I only consume about 1200-1600 calories of Huel per day 5 days per week and significantly less at the weekends.

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