1st time Huel-er, vegetarian and fitness-wannabe

Evening all!

Long time reader-first time poster.

After seeing endless posts on my social media, hearing friend’s Huel experiences and coming across an Operations job online for… guess who? Huel, I decided to give it a go!

I’m 6ft, slender and struggle to gain body mass, my main goals are to use Huel to help bulk up my calorific intake, whilst topping up my vitamin intake. I’m anticipating a single (3 scoop) shake per day, maybe 2 if I can fit it in around my 3 normal meals. I’m wanting my intake to be around 3000 calories per day to help with body mass for toning and cardio.

I eat a balanced vegetarian diet, however I am looking to make sure I’m hitting the quota for vitamins etc, do people take any other supplements? I’ve got an omega oils (veggie friendly) tablet, so don’t want to OD on anything.

Any input from those who are vegetarian and have used this for body mass gain would be appreciated! Looking to tone up for the first time ever!


Hi Alex,

I have only been on the huel nutrician since mid September and therefore, a novice.
My goals are kind of opposite to you as I am using huel to get all the nutrients I need; but to lose weight at the same time.
However, the principals are similar. I have the huel shakes twice per day (some times 3) as meal replacement.
For you my understand is that you use huel are a meal supplement. You carry on with your regular meals but add the huel in as an addition. 3 scoops to 400ml of water (I also use coconut or almond milk for a change). This is equivalent to 500 cals.
Good luck :slight_smile: