Additional supplements for <100%..?

I’m hoping for some advice from some longer term Huel-users.

I’ve been on Huel for a couple of weeks now and having no problems. I have about 800 calories of Huel total for breakfast and lunch. I have a snack in the evening (tomatoes on toast, omelette… for example)

I’m worried about supplements. I used to take fish oils and a multi-vitamin (I’m vegetarian), but have now stopped the vitamins to ensure I don’t end up taking too much of anything.

Should I continue like this or do I need to revert to taking a multi-vitamin?

I know some people might say I should be eating more (I’m a 5’10", 74Kg guy), but while I’m not hungry and feeling fine, I’m reluctant to eat for the sake of it. I like being a healthy BMI.

Many thanks in advance

Hi there, interesting to read your thoughts. By eating 800 kcal of Huel you won’t be consuming even 50% of your NRVs for vitamins and minerals from Huel, this will then obviously be topped up with your evening meal too, but by how much I’m not sure.

When you were taking your vitamin supplements, each supplement would have contained at least 100% I expect, different products vary obviously. On top of this you would have been eating whole foods and topping up further, so at the end of the day there would be many vitamins and minerals you would have consumed over the 100% NRV advised.

My thoughts are that if you choose to continue to take a supplement you would be absolutely fine and this may even resemble you diet before Huel.

On this note, it does sound like you may end up losing weight from what you are eating, although I don’t know your age or exercise level so it is difficult to assess. If you are happy, that is the main thing, but if you lose weight more than you are happy with it would be an idea to eat more.

I’m sure others have some great advice too. I hope this helps somewhat.

Many thanks for coming back with such a detailed response Tim. I’m very
grateful and very impressed at the level of customer service.

I have lost a little weight; only about 1/2Kg, but I am thinking I should
probably have a little more Huel at lunch. I’m going to start cycling to
work soon, so I’ll definitely need more then I think.

I’m 51 and reasonably active; gym 3 times a week.

I’m certainly finding the whole Huel experience very easy and very
painless. I make breakfast and lunch the evening before using a Vitamix.
For breakfast I add coffee, a little frozen banana, some cacao powder,
cinnamon and a spoon of peanut butter (more calories there). For lunch I
add frozen peaches and raspberries or similar, pour into a 1litre Sigg
bottle and I’m good to go.

Thanks again

Best regards


I’ve read that it’s better to eat vitamins separately with 4-hour breaks during the day because many of them are incompatible. Huel is “all in one”. Does organism absorb all nutrients of Huel?

If you check Huel’s ingredients you’ll see many items at well over 100% rda. This is for the same reason as I understand it. The amounts are weighted so that after taking that into account, one absorbs the desired amounts.

Hi @djk2

Glad you’re enjoying Huel.

You mention fish oils; you might find my article here interesting: