Is there an appetite for Huel nutrient 'top-up' for dieters?

I’ve been using Huel for about 2 months and am up to having two meals a day in the week (breakfast & lunch) and breakfast only at weekends.

I’m thinking of gong 100% Huel, but am also dieting (consuming circa 1700 calories daily). So going 100% Huel would mean I’d only get 85% of the optimal nutrients (based on 2000 calories providing optimal levels).

There seem to be a lot of people who use Huel while dieting who will also have a deficit of nutrients, considerably less so for those consuming much fewer calories than I am.

Is there an appetite for a nutrient pouch, similar to the flavour pouches, so we could ‘top up’ and still get optimal nutrients while dieting?

I currently take a multivitamin but it doesn’t cover everything and would like to be able to rely on just Huel without the hassle of finding additional sources.

If there is an appetite for this, can anyone at Huel able to say if this is something you may be able to provide in the future?

This doesn’t sound like something we would provide. Although some do use Huel 100%, our intention is for people to use it as healthy convenience food. By creating a reduced calorie dense but equally micronutrient dense version of Huel could confuse some about how we intend people to use Huel. There would also be a serious risk of accidentally adding too much micronutrient mix which would be dangerous.

Thanks for the quick response Tim. When you explain it that way, it’s a very valid reason why you would want to avoid this. I’ll stick to the multivitamins for now.

I just take a multivitamin as backup (consuming less than 2000 cals of Huel per day)

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Thanks Lorraine!

Meh. Wouldn’t bother with multivitamin. Been shown to flow right out of your tubes countless times. If you’re in a calorie deficit, you’ll likely be in a nutrient deficit. At 85%, that’s no biggy.

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This is what I have been looking for. I want to use Huel to lose weight but in order to lose a pound a week I either need 800 cals a day or 1000 plus exercise 3 times a week. I thought ordering Huel would make it easy as it said complete food but now see that that’s all macros and half micros. Cannot take regular multi vitamin/mineral tablets because of MTHFR mutation (which apparrently nearly 50% of people do have), which was one of the main selling points for me , ie natural vit sources, folate versus folic acid etc. Please consider making a different version for dieters that would have full balanced micronutrients at 1000 calories say. Please dont make any smart comments about exercising not everyone is well enough to exercise and yet losing belly fat is probably the No 1 health goal. Short , fat, sick person.

Can’t the extra vitamins just be bought individually instead of in a multivitamin?

I don’t see why huel should cater to every single dietary issue out there, I know that sounds harsh, but they’ve gone above and beyond anyway.

With regards to just simply dieting why can’t people just add in a greens powder for the extra nutrients? It’s not that complicated folks, besides dieting in a strong calorie deficit shouldn’t be a long term thing anyway. :slight_smile:

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So the cost of buying vitamins seperately would become expensive. I do believe it is better to get them in food but I also believe there is a gap in the market for a nutritionally sound diet product, which, I thought, was what I was saying. If you look at the ingredients of ‘slim fast’, for example, it’s all milk and sugar. The dieting industry is worth mega bucks and I would imagine that it caters mostly to women who won’t want to be consuming 2000 calories a day. I wouldn’t have thought that that was rocket science either.

Are you sure you’ve worked out your calorie requirement correctly angelicatoo? 800 a day is way too low.

yes I know, that is my dillemma, I am 58, 5 foot 0" and weigh 10st 6lb. I need to lose more than 2 stone and I have several health issues around fatigue, metabolism and obesity. I put the figures in and it said I needed 1300 odd to maintain. And I do know there are plenty of people like me out there. I can exercise sometimes but it can make things worse; Also I think exercise in my situation is best looked as a way of depleting glycogen stores rather than burning loads of calories. I did try the clubs you know, where you pay them a fiver a week to tell you you can eat as many sugary low fat yoghurts as you like and the only pounds I lost were those fivers.

Because you maintenance is so low at 1319 calories, rather than subtract 500 calories to lose a pound a week, you could look at dropping 15 or 20%, which would result in a target of 1121 or 1055 calories. Also, do you think you could manage a 30-45 minute walk each day?

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Well I think you are right that it is probably unrealistic or unhealthy to aim to lose that one lb a week (unfortunately), so I am going to try aiming at 1100 cals maybe.

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,(CFS) , so it’s like having a very tight energy budget. I worked with an OT once and we decided that I had 3 hours energy per day but that is easily used up. I love to walk , but exercise (including mental) sets up a kind of inflammatory auto immune response which interferes with the build up of new energy (making ATP). Its like one good active day costs two following days of recovery before feeling well enough to do it again.

I know that for blood sugar (diabetes/pre diabetes) you should try to walk two miles a day, I just cant guarantee being able to do that so didn’t budget it into the caloric calculations, so worked it out as totally sedentary.

I don’t mean to sound moany but feel the need to explain CFS as it is still greatly misunderstood.