1 Huel Meal A Day - Want to boost the vitamins and minerals


I am only ever going to have 1 huel meal a day. This is a replacement for lunch, and so far its working great. I use the unsweetened and chocolate flavour system.

On a side note i found the mixture too thick and once i added more water to it, it was really easy to drink and I am happy with the taste.

As i’m doing 1/3 of Huel i am only getting 1/3 of the daily vitamins and minerals. I understand that I will get some from my normal evening meal, but I also understand that I won’t hit the recommended vitamins and minerals as if I was on 100% huel.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a flavour system “plus” version (or a vitamin and mineral system) that added the extra vitamins and minerals into my huel so that i can get all the vitamins and minerals that i want.

So when i mix my huel for the day i would do:

3 scoops of huel
1 measure of chocolate system "Plus"
1 measure of vitamins and minerals system that would top me up.

I would then get everything i need.



Just take a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Problem solved.

Close but not quite. Calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus are still going to be under 100% as they aren’t contained in multivitamins and mineral supplements (at least not in large amounts).

Sodium and chloride can easily be covered by adding salt to meals, and some potassium can too if you use lite salt (though you’ll want a little extra). The others are a little tougher, though porridge for breakfast with some milk will contribute nicely. Otherwise, best options are probably adding ~2-3g of dicalcium phosphate to your Huel and taking a magnesium supplement

Thanks for the information. The nutrition book I’m looking in says that Potassium and Phosphorus are not necessary to supplement? Although I agree that adding extra calcium and magnesium can be a good idea to add extra of, although you definitely need to make sure magnesium is taken with any calcium because they work together.

I suppose my advice was a bit too vague because not all multi supplements are the same. The one I’ve used does have a fair amount of calcium and magnesium in it.

I’m unsure about phosphorus, but potassium supplementation requirement is based on many factors, not least of which is activity level. So long as your sodium intake isn’t too high, potassium supplementation may not be necessary.

You’re correct that calcium and magnesium should be taken together. It would be best to take a good magnesium tablet - like magnesium glycinate - with the Huel, along with adding some calcium. Generally supplements have ~100-200mg of both of these if they are contained, whilst the RDA for calcium is 800mg. Magnesium has a requirement of only 375mg, but multis will generally use magnesium oxide which is very poorly absorbed.


Interesting, thanks for the information. There was me thinking I already knew lots, but it just goes to show there’s always something new to learn :slight_smile:

I’ve looked at multivitimins, but it seems far too complex to build up my own add on to match huel. Plus i trust the guyz at huel to make sure it was right.

If huel had a vitamin and mineral boost powder i’d definitely buy it.

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Hi, off topic slightly but I didn’t want to start a new thread. Was hoping someone in here might be able to answer a question.

Doing my first week on huel and I am using myfitnesspal. After I had entered my 2000 cals of huel yesterday it say that I’ve consumed well over the daily rdi of sodium.

Is this a mistake on myfitnesspal or does huel (v2.1) contain a lot of sodium? It says on the packet that it contains 3.3 grams of salt which is just over half the rdi. Is there sodium elsewhere in huel?


Salt on any label in the EU is actually just 2.5x sodium content, so if Huel states 3.3g of salt, what that actually means is a total of (3.3/2.5)g of sodium throughout the whole product, regardless of if that’s actually in the form of salt or not.

Myfitnesspal may have taken the stats from before they lowered salt content and removed fluoride - I can’t recall if that was 2.0 or 2.1.