Supplements and Huel

Hi There!

I am new to Huel, am on my 4th day now and absolutely loving it!

A question on taking extra supplements…sorry if it sounds dumb :wink:

Before Huel I always took Biotin (for hairloss) and Selenium (some eye issues due to graves disease) but as Huel is so complete, I don’t think that taking extra supplements will be necessary? I don’t want to overdose on them either :smile:

Many thanks for your feedback.


Welcome to the Huel community. Yes you are correct no need for those supplements, Huel contains at least 100% of both.

Great, thank you Julian! That will also add to the cost / waste saving, brilliant :smile:
My husband jumped the train as well and I got 2 colleagues on board, so all in all, a great success so far! :yum:

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Great work @Gothicvillas thank you so much for spreading the word.

I’ve got a similar question… I’m about to start having huel for most breakfasts and lunches, with a normal/reasonably healthy dinner. I’m mostly doing it for the convenience and nutrition, not interested in weight loss or gain so not concerned with strict calorie tracking etc. At the moment I’m having a latte from the station for breakfast and a tesco meal deal for lunch nearly every day so this will definitely be an improvement nutritionally, and might work out a bit cheaper!

At the moment, I take a multivitamin, a fibre supplement, and glucosamine/chondroitin for joints (I have slightly creaky knees!) I’m guessing on 100% huel I would be fine to drop the multivitamin and fibre supplement - is that correct? And on say 2/3 huel and 1 food meal a day - still probably OK as long as the meal is pretty good on fibre and I’m getting a variety of veg?

Hi @Emily

Yes, you won’t need the multivit and fibre supplement. Yes, if your food choices are good and you’re eating a variety of foods, on 2/3 Huel, you should have sufficient intake of all micronutrients

Cool, that’s what I thought :slight_smile: thanks!

I haven’t even looked at another supplement since starting this stuff nearly 2 months ago. Saved me a fortune, not to mention actually working!

What if I only eat 200g of Huel a day? Is taking extra supplements or food necessary?

Yep, you wouldn’t be getting enough calories or nutrients