Huel and Vitamin supplements

Hi everyone,

I have been using Huel for the past 2 weeks and have been very satisfied so far.

I have a question I hope someone will be able to help me with. I usually take a Wellman original multivitamin tablet every morning. I just wanted to ask someone better qualified than I whether it would be safe to continue to do so? I am aware you have to exercise some degree of caution around vitamin A for instance.

Thanks in advance

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Not a professional.

That aside, it depends how much you’re using really. One of the joys of huel is that you can completely accurately track how much % of your RDA right down to the micro gram, simply based upon how much you consume.

If you’re eating 5 huel meals a day then you’ll be perfectly balanced and in my uneducated understanding won’t need any further supplementation. For fewer huel meals you can obviously make downward adjustments.

I hope that’s of some use, maybe someone like @Dan_Huel or @JamesCollier will be able to offer better informed views.

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Yeap Matt is right Chris.

It depends on the rest of your die, how much Huel you’re having and what reasons you’re taking it/what nutrients you think you might be low in.

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Thank you Dan. So I’m usually having 1-2 Huel meals a day. (Always my working lunch and breakfast if under time pressure).
So probably okay?

Yes, you’re not going to hit the upper limit of the vitamins and minerals. On a separate note I find that multivitamin quite odd and some of the nutrients they include and the amounts make no sense.

Remember also that most multivits don’t contain all 26 essential because they can’t fit the amounts in one pill, eg potassium, chloride, phosphorus. Those that do contains them all are usually in the form of a ‘pak’ with 6-7 pills also containing a bunch of other psuedo-cr*p