Hi, I have just started on the Huel adventure, and have to say that I’m pretty impressed so far, love the idea, love the taste.
When it comes to Nutrition and the technicalities of it, I’m usually way out of my depth and struggle to understand a lot of the concepts, so I try to keep it simple.
My question is about Vitamins. I’ve been taking multi vitamins for a few months, before I started using Huel, I understand it already contains plenty on its own. Should I stop using vitamin tablets whilst on Huel?
I understand there is a lot of misunderstanding ref Vitamin requirements, and perhaps I too misunderstand. The reason I use them is due to a very active lifestyle, cycling and running, plus a job in the front end of a hospital(A&E), so I want all the protection I can get.
Thanks very much.

Hey there, thanks for the post! So pleased that you’ve got stuck into Huel and loving it so far. Generally multivitamins contain 100% of your requirements for vitamins and minerals (apart from potassium, interestingly), depending on the brand. Huel is packed with of a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals but you will only reach 100% of them if you consume 2000kcal of Huel. Depending on how much you have means you will only consume these VM pro rata.

It really depends on the rest of your diet. With a combination of Huel for 1-2 meals, plus a balanced meal with healthy, varied snacks through the day there is probably no requirement for you to take a VM tablet.

We have some awesome Information Articles on our website, some highlights around this topic being:

About the Vitamins & Minerals in Huel
Iron in Huel and the Effects of Antinutrients and Vitamin C
Zinc in Huel and the Effects of Antinutrients

I hope this helps!

Much appreciated, Tim, thank you. I’ll definitely have a look at that info.

I’d love to see a “vitamin booster” that we could add to our Huel if we don’t want to consume 2k calories of it but still want all our vitamins and minerals without supplementing!

All that would be would be a Huel branded supplement. A portion of the vitamins and minerals are from the food ingredients in Huel. To provide the vitamins and minerals without eating the food from where they came would leave you with nothing more than a multi vitamin and mineral pill or drink or whatever largely of synthetic origin, of which there are 101 different products on the market.

Link to the breakdown of where the vitamins and minerals come from:

Wow this article is great. Thank you.
Supplements give you an entire day’s worth of vitamins though and eating 75% Huel a day plus supplements would likely have you consuming unhealthy amounts (~175%) of some vitamins.

I just meant a powder that contains, say, 25% of our RDA of vitamins and minerals that we can add if we only want to be 75% Huel and aren’t going to be eating a particularly nutritious fourth meal.

You should rather see how much you consume if you supplement on Huel to avoid going above Upper Limits. Here is one list

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