Vitamins and nutrients

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This is probably a silly question but I’m not a nutritionist, hence buying huel, but I’ve read a few articles about multivitamins not being worth taking. Some say we get enough from our diet ( but then other articles say our diets are deficient because of soil quality etc etc). Some say we can’t absorb them in the same way we do from food.
So my question is whether the vitamins and nutrients in huel are all from the food elements and if not, do the same problems apply?
I’m just a bit confused :slight_smile:

There’s a really interesting podcast around taking vitamins over here.

Generally speaking, the only one really worth taking for your average person is a general multivitamin and/or vitamin D.

The rest of them don’t really have any genuine scientific backing - unless of course a medical professional identifies a need (I’m talking trained doctors here, not quacks and homeopaths).

As for the source, “natural” things are still made up of chemicals, everything comes from the same basic building blocks in nature whether it’s grown in a field or a lab.

The typical western diet is fairly poor in nutrients, so I think a multivitamin can be beneficial. Also, taking vitamin D supplements is generally recomended in this part of the world, Especially in autumn and winter

Thanks peeps.
I think Vit D (and Zinc) are the only ones I’ve seen mentioned as worth taking.

On the Huel front - if I was 100% Huel, I wouldn’t need the multivit though?

I assume that the articles saying the multivit is a waste of time is because they assume a balanced diet etc and they say we don’t need them, not that they won’t help with a diet that is defficient.

I should throw in that I am 100% vegetarian and mainly vegan so one of my drivers for fueling myself with Huel is to get a balanced diet.

I am vegan
If you eat 2000+ kcal a day, you will get everything you need, less than that and you might not though

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I’m really good at eating lentils and beans etc but struggle with the 5-10 veg a day, I need to go on a vegan cooking course :slight_smile:

or go 100% Huel

Yeah thats what I do lol
I eat 90% Huel and then whatever I please rest of the time

What if one wanted to improve their sleep?

Supplements like magnesium are mentioned as being able to help, and there are studies to back this up:

So would that suggest that they are worth taking? :thinking:

It’s so complicated isn’t it. I’ve read that magnesium in particular is worth taking because our soils are so depleted that a lot of us are deficient. It it true ? - I don’t know :slight_smile:

It’s even more complicated as even if the vitamins are ‘working’ you wouldn’t even notice as the benefits are long term or subtle.

Apart from coffee and alcohol, there aren’t many legal supplements that you could notice if you’ve taken or not.

Going on an assumption here I know… but I’d expect someone with a sleep disorder to seek advice from a trained doctor/pharmacist so I refer you to my second to last paragraph :wink:

The rest of them don’t really have any genuine scientific backing - unless of course a medical professional identifies a need (I’m talking trained doctors here, not quacks and homeopaths).

Course they could just be guessing at things that might help them, sure; but in that case they’re just guessing, so the supplementation could be positive negative, or just do nothing.

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Pff, I think there’s a big difference between someone trying to improve their sleep and someone with a sleep disorder.

Speaking to a GP about having trouble getting to sleep doesn’t get much response.

My local only has about 10 mins per patient and if it’s not on the first page of Google, they don’t really have much advice for non serious conditions like poor sleep or headaches (from my experience).

So we’re back to square one re supplements.

Poor sleep seems to come more from bad quality environment in the bedroom and poor lifestyle.

Exercising once a day, eating plenty, drinking a pint of water an hour before bed, making sure your room is a nice level of humidity and staying away from alcohol helps.

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I think you answered your own question.

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The vitamins and minerals we use in Huel are well-absorbed. This article explains which come from the min ingredients and why we add the others.