Huel + Multivitamin = Too Much?

Hi, would taking a multivitamin alongside Huel be recommended as Huel provides most if not all vitamins and minerals which are essential in decent quantities. I usually take this (Normally take 3-4 scoops daily Huel.

Multivitamins for healthy adults are a massive con - if you’re hitting RDA’s through your diet (which you will with Huel) then there is no point in taking them.

The only cases where they’re useful are vitamins C, A & D for kids between 6 months and 4 years old. If you’re pregnant/breastfeeding, or a vegetarian with a limited diet.

If you’re not one of those three groups, you’ll literally just p*ss them out in the toilet.

I’d argue the vitamin D would be useful for anyone as the RDA is too low for many people, but simply taking a vitamin D supplement would be more worthwhile. You’re right about all the rest though.

Aside from that, OP, if you’re going to take one anyway, try to find one that doesn’t have iron or manganese in, as Huel is already high in these. Avoiding the iron would be more important though.


Ah yeah, I forget about that. Living in Bournemouth and being outside a lot I’m pretty covered for that lol.

You’re probably not. We don’t receive enough UVB here to properly synthesise Vitamin D for most of the year.


There is a difference between “enough to get by” and “optimal”, in my opinion.

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That’ll do well in summer, but from late October to mid-march, the sunlight in the uk is not sufficient for any vitamin D to be obtained from it at all.

EDIT - Source and quote (my timing window was slightly wrong): “In the UK, sunlight doesn’t contain enough UVB radiation in winter (October to early March) for our skin to be able to make vitamin D” -

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It depends how healthy and varied the rest of your food is- huel provides 100% (or more for some nutrients) of your vitamin requirements if you’re consuming 2000kcal of it per day.
With a bit of googling you can figure out if your usual diet is lacking in anything, then you can supplement what you think you might need a boost in or add things to your diet to compensate. Agree with above on vitamin D, I had very low levels of it at one point and it wasn’t pleasant.

Hello everybody! I’m finishing up my first week on Huel I’m on 3 meals of huel a day mostly and loving the convenience and peace of mind. I’m glad to be a part of the community.

I work as a server juggling 3 different jobs and workout with p90x3 from home 6 days a week. I’ve been concerned with supplementing with probiotics for gut health for some small issues (bloat mostly). I have supplemented with powder multi (organic and derived from fruits and veggies) that include digestive enzymes. I’m cycling off the enzyme/multi and taking GNC Mega Men Sport. It’s usually 2 capsules of the mega men a day but since recently starting Huel, and consideri g how complete it is and how active I am, I am planning on experiment with just taking 1 capsule just to cover any potential gaps. Thoughts or feedback?

Vit D3 for UK folk, some omega 3 and for men, ZMA and I think that’s all you need if you’re on Huel

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No omega 3 needed as Huel has plenty, and ZMA is probably unnecessary too unless working out. Some D3 would be good though.

Aren’t the RDAs (or whatever they are called these days) the minimum amounts required to prevent degenerative disease in 95% of the population?

For “optimal health” aren’t the amounts supposed to be somewhat greater for some of the vitamins and minerals.

If so…

Consuming 13 scoops (496g) of Huel a day and you meet the RDAs. Any less and you wont be getting the RDA for all the vitamins and minerals in which case looking to supplement may be a good option.

And even if consuming 2000 cals worth of Huel a day (with or without additional food) it might be worth considering additional supplementation of some vitamins and minerals depending on personal circumstances.

Sort of. Basically, the RDAs are defined as the average daily level of intake required to meet the nutrient requirements of 97.5% of the population.

Of note here, though, is the fact that some people will only be reaching their requirements at that intake (the 97.5th percentile), but for some people this will be more than they need. In the case of something like calcium, the EU RDA is 800mg. This means that 800mg is enough for 97.5% of people to meet their requirements. However only some people will actually need 800mg, with others needing, say, 750mg instead - the idea of the RDA is that everyone (near enough) is covered.

This goes even further though for micronutrients that scale in their requirements (not all of them, and when they do it isn’t necessarily linear, but some do), especially stuff like electrolytes. In this case, someone only needing to consume 1200 calories due to being much smaller will only require a lower intake of something like sodium or potassium (which in extremely simple terms control muscle contraction amongst other things), as their body would be using less of it. Therefore, whilst the RDA does cover them, they could also consume significantly under the RDA and still be covered.

You are correct, however, that there are some health benefits associated with higher intakes of certain micronutrients that are worth looking into. However, Huel aims to provide the base intake off which people can supplement as they wish.

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