Vitamins & Huel

I know Huel is already packed full of vitamins but I’m brand new so not sure. I used to take 1 tablet of A-Z Complete vitamins & minerals a day (boots: but I don’t want to over do the vitamins if I’m already getting them from huel.

Does anyone take any additional vitamins to go with their huel and is it safe for me to continue taking them?

How much Huel are you using per day? And are you male or female?

I have recently read some articles citing studies saying that the whole multivitamin concept is wrong, making our immune system lazy and more prone to cancer in the long run…
it`s also different whether the vitamins in Huel come from natural sources or they are just synthetic.

female. 2 scoops for breakfast for this week and then I’m moving up to 4 scoops a day for breakfast and lunch.

None of the micronutrients seem to exceed the upper tolerable limits if you continue taking the multivitamins, so it is very unlikely it will be harmful.

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thank you so much!