100% Huel Diet, recommend additional supps/food

I want to try a 100% Huel Diet. I already have 20000Kcal in Huel Black Edition at my place and rdy to start.
Are there any sublements/foodgroups that would benefit a 100% Huel Diet, just to support anything,
or is there nothing that would benefit my diet/performance.

Cause for now i think i would only consume Huel to my maintain Kcalamount and maybe eat a few carots a day so my teeth have some work and i like the taste.

I’ll let the experts answer the nutritional questions but what I would strongly suggest is phasing Huel into your diet more gradually. Whilst I haven’t personally experienced any issues there are plenty of folks here who have found a number of side effects, which would of course be the same with any other dramatic change in diet.

Far and away the main points seem to be around the digestive system which would of course make sense. Flatulence and worse!

I’ve been having a single huel black a day for the last couple of weeks and just started adding in a second huel black each day. Eventually I intend to work up to a mostly huel diet, running at a deficit for fat loss purposes but despite not encountering any issues thus far I’m still building up to that gradually.

If the time you save in shopping and food preparation is spent running back and forth to the loo then it would appear to have little benefit! :joy:

Happy Huelling!

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Hi as Matt said - going all in straight away may be a challenge for your system and most people phase it in to find their balance. 2000kcal of Huel is classified as being nutritionally complete so depending on whether you are planning on dieting with a calorie deficit or wanting to maintain your current calorie intake then you will definitely need more of something else.

Blending in plant milks, fruits (frozen or fresh) etc. to the Huel is also a nice way of experimenting with different flavours and increasing the calories if you need to.

Can maybe some huel nutrional expert give his/her opinion here.

Huel is nutritionally complete at 2000kcal meaning you will be getting all the essential nutrients you need so there’s nothing that needs to be added to support it. A balanced wholefood diet is best, so it will depend what your initial diet was like. In terms of performance (if that’s relating to physical exercise) it depends on the type and amount you are doing.

but Huel is wholefood and balanced. so a huel diet is best or other said, u can compare it 1to1 to a normal wholefood diet,right?

Variety can be an important factor because of the social and mental aspects but also because we know, from lots of different pieces of evidence, that consuming a variety of different wholefoods is best. For example, the more fruit and vegetables a person consumes the more likely they are to be healthy. Trying to take what you think is healthy out of those fruits and vegetables and consuming it in a pill format doesn’t show the same benefts.

Does that make sense?

but i thought huel has anything inside
so aperson who consumes 100% huel
should be as healthy as a person who dont consume huel and eat a lot fruits and vegatables and wholefood?

or do u say that u should never do 100% huel ,maybe only 400kcal aday and thenadd the other kcal withwhole food?

im just missing some clear guidance.

Huel has everything you need yes.

Some Hueligans do have Huel for 100% of their diet and have no issues. Most have Huel for 1-2 meals a day when time is short or they’re on the go. If you have time to make a nutritious home cooked meal then go for it, if you don’t and you’re often reaching for a food that is less nutritious like a packet of crisps I’d recommend Huel.

Unfortunately, you won’t get any because nutrition is messy. What works and is optimum for one person won’t necessarily be optimal for another. Which is why I can’t say adding anything will benefit your diet.


I see, thanks.
then maybe i just get 1600kcal from huel and mix the other 400kcal with some broccolli and sweet potatoes and just oberserve for few weeks how im performing.