Higher nutrient content version of Huel?

One of the things I like most about Huel is that it easily, conveniently (and tastily, imo!) satiates my desire to get my daily required vitamins and nutrients, and I love the idea that this in turn allows me to be more relaxed when it comes to the nutritional profile of the real/solid food that I do end up consuming in between (which is dinner every day for me)

This almost works, were it not for the fact that consuming 2000kcal of Huel (ie, enough to get all my daily required nutrients and vitamins) wouldn’t leave me very hungry for an evening meal.

Considering so many Huel users seem to have Huel for 2 of 3 meals a day, would it not make sense to have a version of Huel that was essentially designed around a 60-70% (say) Huel diet, rather than a 100% one? In the sense that it was possible to get close to 100% of one’s daily vitamin/nutrient requirement, with a very good carb/protein/fat balance, by consuming, say, 1500kcal of it?

I do understand that the current formula is not strictly designed around a 100% Huel diet per se; some people might use Huel as an easy, cheap and quick meal replacement and rest safe in the knowledge that as meals go, its a very well balanced and healthy one. But for those of us that are committed to a) using Huel for breakfast and lunch b) getting all the nutrients and vitamins that we need each day, c) eating solid food for dinner without having to worry too much about whether its nutritional content is such that it ‘picks up where the Huel left off’ so to speak in fulfilling RDAs, it seems like a higher nutrient/mineral proportioned version of Huel would be just the ticket?

Couple final notes:-

Appreciate that this may appear a somewhat paradoxical or nonsensical request in the sense that some of the protein/fat/carb containing elements of Huel are also what contribute to its nutritional profile - so to clarify I suppose I’m suggesting/exploring upping the content of the calorifically ‘empty’ nutrients and minerals that are added (ie on top of the oats/peas/seeds etc)

I also appreciate the possibility of simply using multivitamins for this cause, which I do currently do (I take one with my evening meal and used to take 3 a day before Huel, one with each meal) - however, I have so much more faith in the experience and brand philosophy of Huel and its developers/formulas over and above any multivitamin company or option I’ve come across so far and would far rather be able to rely solely on Huel and its carefully constructed formulas. For just one example - the multivitamins I have at the moment are good but they do not contain phytonutrients, choline, lycopene etc

Finally, in a way this is less specifically an out and out ‘request’ for a different version/formula of Huel (which I’d consider cheeky and inappropriate given how long the Huel developers have spent working on the whole concept/formulas vs myself who has virtually no knowledge of or experience in this arena) and more an invitation for people to shed light on this issue and how they think about all of this themselves. I am a complete amateur when it comes to nutrition so I’m almost certain I’ve made many mistakes in my assessments above, so I’d like someone more in the know than myself to correct me !


If you eat 70% huel and your worried that the other 30% being “solid” food won’t meet/equally to your nutritional daily requirements, then I’d suggest reevaluating the food choices you make outside of huel, eat decent nutritious foods and you won’t have a problem.

I don’t know if I’m missing the point or something here?


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well Huel contains a pretty sizeable list of essential and non-essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Certainly to match the remaining 30% up to RDA of every one of them in a single evening meal would be a challenge and importantly require some combination of cost, preparation and consideration.

Admittedly, the more likely scenario which fits into the paradigm of a regular healthy and varied diet would in this case be to think about it on a slightly longer term basis and make sure your evening meals across the week are balanced and contain the spread of nutrients you’d otherwise be missing by not consuming Huel at that time of day

Call me lazy, but that all begins to introduce exactly the sort of hassle it is that Huel manages to remove for me in the first place. Totally get it isnt to the same degree since we’re now talking 1 meal a day instead of 3, but i think you get my point?

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not wanting to eat takeaway pizza, Mcdonalds or any other generally ‘empty calories’ driven meal every single evening after my days Huel, but I just want to be able to eat whatever I feel like (for the taste/experience) without having to think too much about balance and nutrition.

I do get that this is quite a lazy / entitled kind of a desire but if the tech is there (Huel) why not indulge?

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I take Wellman Plus everyday (a multivitamin capsule and a Fish Oil capsule) plus a vitamin D3 tablet, no matter how much Huel I’m having.

I have no idea if I’m getting too much of anything though, and whether that’s detrimental to my health?

It’s definitely an interesting one. For now I don’t believe there is any plan to do this but I do see your point. Eating Huel 60% of the time requires you to ensure that you consume the other 40% of the micronutrients later, which requires you to eat a balanced meal which perhaps isn’t that convenient. However consider that we’ve reduced your food preparation and planning time by around 60% too!