Lower calorie higher nutrients

Hi Huel People,

I was wondering if at any point in the future you might consider doing a Huel variation that’s nutritionally complete at less calories. I see it’s been discussed before with regards to VLCD but that’s not what I’m talking about, just people who genuinely need less than 2000 calories to maintain/lose weight. In my case my calorie expenditure is low because I’m only just in the the overweight criteria of my BMI and I’m completely inactive due to disability. I’m sure it would apply to anyone who was on the short side also.



I think this is a good question, but wonder how easy it would be to ‘fix’ for a small company like Huel.

I was thinking maybe something like a version of flavour boost, that isn’t flavour but nutrient boost that would let you add the necessary nutrients to say 1500 calories of fuel, so that you were getting the equivalent of consuming 2000 calories.


Hi @amyoulton - thanks for the suggestion and this has come up before.

We don’t want to position Huel as a weight loss product, but I acknowledge that’s not what you’re asking about per se. This is something we may look into at some point.