RDI counted for 2000 kcal

It’s friday so I thought I might start a topic asking a question which will lie here and simmer until the staff gets back on Monday, just for the heck of it.

The nutritional balance etc in Huel is often quoted to be sufficient for a diet of 2000 kcal, and 2000 kcal is often quoted as the “standard” calorie goal. However, very few people tend to be standard humans, and with todays sedentary lifestyles 2000 kcal are not a good maintenance goal for a big portion of humanity (especially if we look to women, what with our lacking of height and historically being excluded when measuring standards for humans).

Do you have plans, and would it even be possible, to tweak the nutrition of Huel to match a 1500 kcal diet instead? That way people can maintain or even lose weight with 100% Huel and still get complete nutrition, and people who need more calories to maintain och gain can just pee out the excess vitamins. That’s what those kidneys are for, eh?

I currently have Huel once or twice a day and I’m pretty sure my total intake is not nutritionally complete (I’m rather lazy in the kitchen) and would love to have a simple way of getting complete nutrition (not adverse to going 90-100% Huel), but if I were to have 2000 kcal per day I’d expand considerably.

Something to consider maybe?

May I ask how much exercise you do each week?

I am extremely sedentary as I spend basically my whole day on the couch, but I do go to the gym twice a week and take two one-hour walks per week. I will soon add 1,5 hours of relaxed biking once a week, but other than that I’m pretty much not moving other than to go to the loo or to the kitchen.

I wonder if this post would be better suited under “Feedback”? Eh, it is what it is…

You can change what category you put it under, I’d probably keep as is because it’s about calories.
I don’t think you would gain to much, if at all if you went 100%

2000kcal is the recommended intake for the average woman, for the average man it’s 2500kcal.

Like you said people will need more or less Calories as not everyone is the average. If a person needs less calories then their vitamin and mineral needs are also likely to be lower, because again the RDIs for vitamin and minerals are based on an average.

We don’t no. People also ask for a 2500kcal, 3000kcal version of Huel etc and suddenly we have 100 products!

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Thanks for the reply!

My thought was that if someone needs more kcal they can drink a larger amount, but if you drink a smaller amount you might not get everything you need. But if it is true that having a lower maintenance need also means that the need for micros is lower then I can rest easy. And I haven’t had any deficiencies so far,I guess the body is fairly resilient and adaptable :slight_smile: