Consuming too few calories?

Hi everyone!

I am about 23 days into a 60% Huel diet and so far I’m getting on brilliantly! It has really encouraged me to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle and I’m saving lots of money from fewer shop-bought breakfasts and lunches!

I am 30 years old, 1.55m tall and I weigh 68kg, so I have a fair amount of weight to lose! I managed to lose 1kg in the first week, but since then my weight loss has stalled. After re-reading the fat loss guide I realised I was probably consuming too few calories (839kcal daily).

So as of today I have boosted my daily calorie allowance up to 1400, and I’m already surprised at how much Huel I need to consume today!

I just wanted to share my experiences to:
a) ensure my approach makes sense
b) remind those aiming to lose weight that a restrictive calorie controlled diet does not equal fast weight loss!

Has anyone else had a similar experience of need to re-evaluate their intake? How long did it take you to find a routine that worked for you?

Have a good day everyone!

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Hi there! Great to hear that you have upped your intake, I’m sure you energy levels are a lot better. Your approach makes sense and good luck to you!

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Thank you! Ten days in and it’s going well. However, weight loss is still glacial. I have not lost anything since the first week on Huel (now on week 6); despite continually being in a 500kcal daily deficit and exercising 3-4 times a week. I’m trusting in the system though, as it’s so good to know my nutritional needs are being taken care of at work!