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So, I ordered some Huel a couple of weeks ago and I’m a little nervous to get started.

I already take a VIt c, B12, Vit D and Spirulina - only one tablet, any more and my stomach doesn’t like it,

I’m wondering if I can use Huel while taking these:

I’ve lost a bit of weight lately probably due to stress, so I’m looking to put some back on. Feeling a bit grainy and wishy washy so wanted something to boost me up and help build me back up so I can get back in the gym,

A little apprehensive about taking as I have such a sensitive stomach.


I can’t speak to the vitamins you list, but given the caution in your post, then I’d advise comparing with the vitamins listed in huel.

In terms of your stomach sensitivity - only you know how it works.

So probably best to start small - say 1 meal per day with as much huel as you feel comfortable with.

Maybe start with 1 scoop and get the extra calories from other food, building up the number of scoops/meals as you get a feel for how your digestive system reacts.

Technically if you consume enough Huel you can do away with any vitamin supplementation. Huel contains 100% or more of your daily vitamin/mineral needs.

If you’re looking for a boost then Huel may provide that - I’ve had a break from Huel occasionally and eat ‘normal’ food for a while, but when I go back to Huel I feel great again pretty quickly. I don’t know what the cause of that is, whether it’s because its contains vitamins/minerals I wasn’t ordinarily getting from the food I ate (maybe I’m deficient in something), but it definitely helps me.