Huel alongside regular meals

Is Huel intended purely as a meal replacement or would it still benefit my husband and I if we took it as a vitamin/mineral supplement every morning? How much would we need to take as a minimum to get health benefits if so? I love the idea that we can get everything we need from one drink as opposed to lots of different tablets but don’t want Huel to be a meal.

Quite a few use it for breakfast and lunch and have a normal healthy meal in the evenings. I have 80g of Huel morning & lunch and my wife has 60g each meal. Any amount will be a benefit.

Thanks Mally. Will definitely substitute breakfast for Huel.

I have 100g at lunch. Partly for convenience, partly as a good source of all necessary vitamins+minerals. Use it however you see fit.

I do the same, 100g at lunch. I enjoy a nice bowl of porridge too much in the morning.

I typically have 110g Huel blended with fruit in the morning, 110g Huel for lunch at work and then a normal meal in the evening.

It suits my lifestyle really well, fills me up and I feel so much healthier.

I’m not really on a daily calorie deficit and haven’t increased my exercise but have still lost weight and am down 3 belt notches.

I’ve tried subbing lunch as well as breakfast and it does work well on some occasions that I’m really rushed, but found that I prefer to have ‘normal’ lunch most days.

I’m still seeing benefits, though. I’ve been able to slowly reduce my medication for gastritis/acid reflux since I started with Huel (about mid August, I think?) - clearly it is making a difference just having it for breakfast most days (and that was with a gap of a week in the middle when I was away at a conference and existed almost entirely on caffeine and sugar instead :D)

If you cut out processed sugar completely your acid indigestion will probably go completely.

If you cant do that take 5g of glutamine every night before bed.

Have you been prescribed one of the photon inhibitors XXXXXprazoles?

You would need to use 100% Huel to be hitting ideal vit/min targets.

If you want everything in one hit then google IntraMAX

Tried the glutamine and sadly made the reflux much worse (annoying because I felt better in other ways).

Cut back on sugar considerably which might have helped, then went on conference and drank my body weight in Coca Cola and oddly had huge improvement in symptoms for about a week (what can I say, my body is weird :D)

Yep, on omeprazole. Was on 40mg daily, Am now on 20mg two days then 40mg for one day. Hoping to be down to 20mg by next week.

5g of glutamine mixed with water before bed made you worse?

If you are taking omeprazole you should be able to drink and eat whatever you like with no effect.

Sack the omeprazole for one day and try the glutamine that night, see how you feel the next day.

I am guessing your doctor following various tests has offered no explanation as to what is causing this yet offered the solution and has told you to take the photon inhibitors forever? If so sugar will be the likely culprit, also smoking…

I am not a doctor personally but one of our clients came to us with this exact problem 10 years ago, he had been examined and tested on worldwide but no avail. We sorted the problem for him within 2 days.

I don’t want to suddenly drop the omeprazole due to rebound issues - that’s why I’m slowly reducing. Yep, 5g before bed gave me significantly worse reflux symptoms (normally don’t get reflux at night if I eat my main meal early enough) - tried it for about a week, then cut the glutamine out and was better again within 24hrs.

Had various tests: not h pylori, not coeliac. Do have hiatal hernia which is contributing (but I don’t believe is the main culprit as it doesn’t explain the gastritis). I don’t smoke (never have). Am vegetarian (for the last year as I found that helped symptoms). I am not overweight (in fact, a significant part of my life, I have been underweight). Generally during the week I have little processed sugar, as I cook most things from scratch, but allow myself some treats at the weekend.

I suspect stress is a contributing factor, have also had some feedback that due to other autoimmune issues, it could be connected with that. GP generally disinterested and haven’t had any contact for about a year.

I’m happy enough with the slow, small improvements I’m making at the moment with the help of Huel. I will try glutamine again once I’ve weaned myself off the omeprazole, but it’s not working for me at the moment.

If my memory serves me correctly omeprazole is effective for a few days so one day off it shouldn’t really effect you.

It is a proton inhibitor so interferes with the digestion, I wouldnt take glutamine and a proton inhibitor.

Eliminating processed sugar completely cured him, but if he had something sweet (as people do) it would be back again forcing him to take one 30mg lansoprazole/omeprazole. He wasnt happy with this and the solution for him was, if he knew he was to eat something sweet like at function etc, 5g glutamine the night before and the same night. Not every night.

Hope you manage to work things out :+1:

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