Struggling to fit the calories in

Really pleased with my Huel experience so far. I get acid reflux due to hiatus hernia and chronic gastritis. In just a few weeks, my gastritis symptoms have reduced dramatically, despite only (on average) having Huel every other day. So far, so good!

My main problem is fitting the calories in. I’m currently using Huel for every other breakfast and some lunches when I’m feeling lazy. When I’ve tracked my natural food intake, I tend to have about 250 calories for breakfast and about 500 calories for lunch. I don’t like snacking (well, I do but…) as I tend to be less hungry for meals and practically I end up sacrificing nutrition as a result.

My problem is that I can only drink a 2 scoop volume of Huel without reflux becoming a major issue and I’m really not hungry at all for a long time afterwards.

Breakfast is fine - I add a banana in the blender with the Huel and some toffee flavouring, so I reach 250 calories easily. It’s lunch that is the issue. If I try and split it so I have two servings of 2 scoop Huels that pushes the second serving well after 4pm which then means I’m not hungry for my evening meal.

Of course, I could just not have Huel for lunch and stick with it as a breakfast replacement, but where’s the fun in that?!

Any ideas to what I could add to my lunchtime Huel so I can get the calories in? I did think about adding milk, but part of the reason I tried Huel was that I was starting to react to protein shakes which makes me think I might have some mild dairy intolerance going on. I’d also like to keep additions fairly healthy, so anything too sugary like syrup or honey is out.

Try 5g of glutamine a night before bed, totally sorts out practically everyone I have ever heard abouts acid indigestion/gastritis problems and thats even if they havent already totally cut processed sugar from their diets.

That’s interesting to know - I might try that, thanks. Huel already has some glutamine in it already, though, doesn’t it?

Yeah it does but glutamine is an ace for digestive track probs, you got nothing to lose but potentially everything to gain! :+1:

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Thanks, I’ll give it a go and let you know how I get on!

Does it have to be before bed? Easiest to get the powdered form and stick it in my breakfast Huel!

Yeah have it before bed.

It is one of these magical things that when mixed with a glass of water tastes of nothing, or barely the very slightest taste of salt. Its not like some sugary weird stuff. It is quite refreshing to drink before bed too.

Here is my choice

Dont worry about those before and after pictures haha

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Amino acids like glutamine are usually more efficiently digested when not consumed alongside other proteins too. So before bed, but an hour after eating Huel (or other protein sources) is probably best.

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