Huel for breakfast?

Hi, I’ve been ordering Huel for quite a bit now but have recently tried out the new “ready-to-drink”. I usually skip breakfast but have decided to start drinking Huel in the hopes that it would bulk me up a little and give me more appetite during the day.

Was just wondering if anyone can think of any downsides to this. Is Huel a good source of nutrition for breakfast?

Huel is a good source of nutrition for any time of the day really!
But I personally find it is absolutely perfect for breakfast - it’s the one meal that is really important but is also the hardest to get well balanced.
Most people skip breakfast or just have yoghurt or fruit or toast or cereal - none of which is complete nutrition.
Huel is ideal - contains everything you need, and it’s super convenient and quick to consume.
I also find it doesn’t make me sluggish in the same way a large breakfast would, and fills me up for way longer than a light breakfast would.

Can’t think of any downsides at all.
Only thing I’d recommend is to switch to powder if you can in any way find the motivation to make it yourself (it’s super quick and easy once you’ve found the perfect flavour, quantity and thickness you like).
The powder has superior nutrition in comparison to the RTD and so is much better for regular consumption (and save the RTD for times when powder is impossible / impractical).
There’s also the advantage of being able to make it up to your own personal exact calorie requirements. There’s also much more possibilities of flavours if you like variety.
It takes a few attempts to make the perfect Huel from powder, but the forum will help you with that.

Although saying all that, the RTD is way better than your current (non existent) breakfast, and is still really good nutrition.

So no, no down sides really !


I have Huel Granola for breakfast every day, then a Huel shake for lunch (or dinner if I go out for lunch).

Awesome, thanks for the info. :hugs:

I used to skip breakfast and have always struggled with my weight (though keeping it down rather than needing to bulk up). Personally it’s been absolutely amazing for me - I have huel for breakfast and lunch and am completely satisfied till dinner. I’ve read some conflicting things about the importance of breakfast (essentially saying that if you want breakfast then make sure it’s balanced, but if you’re content without it then it’s probably best to just leave it) but for me it’s working pretty well.


One of the biggest attractions of Huel for me was to add an easy but nutritional breakfast, although I get up at 7am and work from 8am I struggle to eat much before around 10am. By then I was really hungry and would often reach for less desirable (nutritionally) food.
Huel works for me as I find I can drink it right from getting to work. This has the added benefit of sustaining my hunger longer so I can have my second huel around 1-2pm which keep me going until the evening when I have a healthy meal.

I work in an office and bring a huel to work in the morning and just drink it at my desk. Nobody complains as it’s no different than drinking tea or coffee and I still am able to do my work.

I normally take Huel for lunch during the week. However it is great for breakfast on the way to the airport if I have to catch an early red-eye flight. Better than getting up and eating solid food at 4:00am or eating junk in an airport cafe. It keeps me full until lunchtime.

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