Using Huel to have a better relationship with Breakfast

Having breakfast, we all know it’s important, it sets your day up for success just like other basic morning routines like taking a shower or cleaning up your room. I had fallen out of a good routine and into one of the lazy/slow rituals, especially for breakfast. Taking the time to make something (especially healthy) was almost out of the question, and rushing to eat whatever it was that I did make so that I would not be late to work, so often I wouldn’t have anything until a morning snack at 10 am.

This is where the Huel came into it for me. I am a healthy weight (5"11 at 75kg) and do regular exercise, the product is known for its natural production and healthy traits, however, it was the ease of morning production that attracted me. Taking the effort of making a fibre full breakfast without much sugar often feels difficult for me. So making one in under 5 minutes start to finish is amazing. It actually makes me want to make it in the morning and I often finish it as I get into the office.

I have been drinking Huel almost exclusively for breakfast for around 4 months and have been seeing positive impacts on how awake and better I feel for firstly actually eating something, but also being full all the way to lunch.

As people like to point out this is a meal replacement that could be used every meal of the day, however for me, this creates a bit of imbalance and a large number of uncomfortable stomach movements. It has been a great meal replacement for the sole meal that I was struggling with. Now I feel like I get it right every day. It has enough to keep me full and stop me from snacking until around 1 pm when I usually eat lunch.

It’s quick and easy, goes great with the coffee that I would usually have anyway. I have also tried with blended fruit which works really well and keeps the mix interesting and variable. Here is some of my routine/recipe:

I usually use 2–3 scoops of vanilla Huel.

I add a scoop of porridge oats (using my extra spoon).

I usually opt to go for coffee, which I like to make while I blend the Huel and oats.

Mix with ice to give it a fresh iced coffee taste.

Ready to go straight to work!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed my review/experience.
If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I am going to try and be active on here!

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Hey Shaun! Thanks so much for the stunning pictures, great to chat with you on the Forum! Thank you for writing an article too, can’t wait to get stuck in. Keep up the great work!

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