Breakfast / Nutrition Advice

Hi! I’m a newbie here and I’m looking at purchasing Huel for the first time.

I have a pretty crazy job and never have a chance to eat breakfast. I’ve lost weight recently and I’m looking to try to use Huel as a quick breakfast alternative to having nothing at all, add more nutrition in my diet, and put some weight back on.

If I start to use Huel for breakfast only will it be worth it and also healthy to have every morning?

I’m new to this world!


Hi. Huel is great nutrition at any time of day and is always worth it. Always best to start off with one Huel a day and build up slowly so what better way than to start with breakfast?

what she said :slight_smile: if you’re rushed for time on a morning you can always make it up the night before and leave it in the refrigerator ready to drink in the morning,

The pro tip is RTD for breakfast. Grab and go, no fuss :wink:

I was really bad at having breakfast, and Huel has fixed that. I have it for lunch and breakfast most days (for over 3 years).