Which huel to take at which occasion


Im thinking about to implement Huel into my diet or more likely only use Huel. But myself that goes to the gym 5 - 6 days a week, gaining muscle but keeping body fat % low aka keeping the 6/8 pack :wink:

My question is, which huel product (the drinks, powder etc) is the best for each occasion as breakfast, lunch, snack & dinner? I mean, the drink for breakfast and snack or does it equal as much as a lunch? ^^

Daily calorie is around 3200 where protein = 40 %, carbs 30 % & fat = 30 %

Thanks for helping out a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

The powder is of a superior nutritional profile so is the better one to choose for all of the above.
The bars are great as convenient healthy snacks.
The RTD bottled drinks are more expensive and have slightly inferior nutrition to the powder but are great for times when you need the extra convenience, or when making a shake would be impractical or impossible.

The only thing Huel powder isn’t great for is pre-workout - it’s digested slowly and tends to repeat on you during exercise.
I find it gives me plenty energy which lasts, so I can have it 3 hrs pre-workout and not need an energy boost at the gym. But I’m not a ‘serious’ gym goer. If you need a pre-workout boost in order to really push yourself to your max, I would keep using your current pre-workout energy source, and use Huel for post workout.
If your protein requirements are higher than average you can add a protein powder to your Huel powder to get the ratio you need.


As for which meal to replace with Huel initially (its a good idea to start with just one meal and build up slowly), I’d say it depends on your lifestyle and what would suit you best.
Personally I consume Huel for breakfast as this is the meal that is hardest for me to make time for.
Lunch is also a good time to consume Huel especially if you usually have to rush or grab a sandwich or snack. Huel is a great convenient healthy option.

Most people then cook a healthy meal in the evening when they have time.
But we all have different schedules and lives - so whatever suits you really!