Which Huel is for me?

Hello all!

I am writing this for I was wondering which huel suits my needs, and as someone who hasn’t yet used huel, I thought what’s better than to ask regular Huel users on the forum? In other words, I am struggling to decide whether I should purchase a Huel Black edition, Huel Powder, Huel Complete protein or Huel Ready-to-drink. Of course I would love to buy all four however my budget is extremely tight considering I am currently a student.

My regular routine consists of going indoor rock climbing 3 times a week (I climb there followed by a gym session, I also cycle to the centre and back (takes roughly 20 min up a hill)), going basketball typically 4-5 days a week for 3-4 hours (1 hour extreme, 3 hours relaxed basketball session) and usually scaling up two massive hills in my area, I do that usually twice a week.

To summarise, my weekly routine is pretty intensive. I am 6’2" weighing 86kg. My main goal is to shed my 23% body fat and cut to 81kg, if not more. I am following an 1800 calorie deficit diet, although I am not very strict with it and I usually have off-days where I treat myself with sweets, mainly because my meals don’t feed me throughout the day and I am hungry by around 16:00 and thus I seek snacks to fill me up, although I usually wait to eat till 19:30.

From Huel, I require something that is probably able to fill me up for the day, if not give me a boost of energy around 15:00 (or in the morning) so I am prepared for my basketball session after climbing. I take a 20g protein bar when I go climbing, although it isn’t the best nutrition-wise.

Any questions please do ask! I will greatly appreciate any reply I receive.
Many thanks!

Hey Kornel! Great to have you hear, your lifestyle seems really active and fun. Also 23% body fat, most would dream of that!

I’m sure many will reply with some advice, but in the meantime, check out this article on our site which will help point you in the right direction!

There is also a questionnaire here which might help!

My personal opinion is that either our v3.0 or Black Edition would be perfect, you sound busy and on -the-go, these are very quick to make and probably have the best nutritional profile. Our Bars would be ideal for your afternoon snack, although won’t be as high in protein as your protein bar. But they do have a load of other good stuff in!

My go to is Standard Huel.

I’m 5’9" and weigh 70kg, and currently aim for 2,800kcal on training days and 1800 on rest days; training 1-2 hours 6 times a week. On training days regular Huel works well for me.

At your deficit calorie goal Black might be a better fit. For a target of 81kg I’d be aiming for180g of protein a day, which is bang on for 1800kcal of Huel Black.