Hoping for huge improvements!

I have received my Huel this morning!
lets see if having somebody doing my nutrition for me can get me back on form!

I am 35 years old 5-11 95 kg and have been going to the gym since Jan this year to get rid of some unwanted pounds.
I had a blip as far as my weight is concerned at 33 and got fat and depressed
I sucked it up and needed to do something about it this year and I have but I want the body I had at 24.

Before all this I was a personal trainer for 10 years at one point was one of those annoying people with 6% body fat weighing 80 kg stuck_out_tongue
Fortunately this was before Youtube and Facebook were catching on so at least I did not parade around to much!
Ultimately I screwed up and got a bit tubby when I needed a break from that world!
But I found it a real surprise to realize how much it has effected my confidence my mood and my enthusiasm for life.
I have dropped from 17 stone (107kg) to 15 stone (95kg)
with 5 days a week of training.
In a week its usually 10 km runs x 3 and weight training with 30 mins cardio x 3.
Fat loss progress has slowed and I know why.
I am on a diet of cheap value pasta, hardly any protein, pasta sauces, bananas and basically anything cheap I can get.
I chose Huel because currently I am in a bit of a jam.

My kitchen has no oven or washing machine,just a electric hob.
Cooking is messy smelly and blocks the sink EVERY TIME when I wash up I have to pour dirty pans down the toilet its rotton !!
I live in a tiny Bedsit but I am grateful for the welfare system (could be worse)

So I am actually very broke and on Job-seekers allowance !
Not the typical super food customer.
This was a very big gamble for me to buy in a 2 week supply.
It has cost me all the money I have.
I mean literally I will probably get my internet suspended temporarily as a result.
But my reason for doing this is simple.
I spend most of my time feeling hungry and tired and unfocused until I eventually get one (healthyish) meal cooked then I am stuffed.
After that I smash the Gym or run on the local heath land, then its time to wash gym kit by hand in the bathroom sink and hang it up.
Then I wake up in a haze deal with the mess in the kitchen, go out to the shops to look for out of date and reduced items and repeat.
Somewhere in this messy pattern I am supposed to be getting a job and moving out of this dive!

What I want from Huel: Metal clarity,Measured calories with unmatched nutritional value , Protein! , a Clean kitchen and flat, Energy to not only look for a job but get one & be able to make it through the day! Get a few pay checks and move to a suitable new house to continue my life as It should be going!

And then the part I will find easy: lose a lot of fat and make huge leaps in the gym.
I always struggled with the stuff above more but with out organisation and infrastructure it all falls down.!

If somebody wants to know how it goes I will reply , took a record of photos of how I have changed over the months so I shall continue that while on the Huel mission.
lastly : I intend to eat a bowel of bran a day or a banana or two as I feel its important for intestines to exercise.


woke up feeling great at 7.30 am today ready to tackle chores.
had perfect work out last night I consumed about 2000 cal of huel.
No insomnia no late night youtubing so far this is awesome.

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Good David, Great start.


Do let us know how you get on! We would be really interested to hear about your progress.

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My ADL (active daily life ) has increased already.
I tend to have 4 scoops per mixer (pint)
I am up and out of the flat fed watered and just felt like walking to town yesterday ended up out for hours no issues.
Got home huelled and then gym. squats !

Today had huel at 9 am I helped folks with clearing a big patch of dense over grown woodland lots of carting logs around and using saws! took one mixer for lunch.
just had one after getting home at 5 needed that one.

legs are raw, I will drop in gym later for a little work out but today was hard work.
I am having no issues going 100% huel but I am going to finish off some apples later for a bit of roughage its got to be a wise move right?

Well strangely I still have two sacks of huel left!
despite being on 90% diet of the stuff.
Its lasting longer than expected which is good news for me on a budget.
Over all energy mood recovery and results is shocking.

I am trying to lose weight (fat) as my ideal weight is 85 kg
and I am now at 93 kg was 117 kg in January
I have lost 2 kg since day one first post about 10 days ago.
Jeans and things feel looser and t-shirts feel better.
Training as been occasionally 2 hours per day, but on average 1 hour per day split 50/50% cardio and weights.
For a non body builder I am fairly strong.
I am trying to keep hold of strength while cutting weight.
So an example day:
I tend to start benching with 50 kg dumb bells for reps of 5 to 6 reps x 3 sets.
Then go down to 30 kg dumb bells and really squeeze muscles for reps of 15 reps x 4 sets
I combine this in a circuit with pull ups/pull downs : (super sets)

Starting with my body weight on the bar for 5 to 6 reps since this is very heavy for me to manage.
Then on to the pull down machine for sets of 10,12, 15 and 20 with weights dropping respectively from around 80 kg to 40 kg x 4 sets
I use intense aggressive music to power through.
Usually by the last 3 sets I need to start waiting about 1 minute between exercise as a (gonna puke )
feeling come calling from the lactic acid build up.
Once this section is done I enjoy a fairly leisurely 30 min or 1 hour cardio depending on how long I am in the gym that day. That,s a 5 k run or a 10 k run .
I am fairly sure I have burned up most of the carbs and stored glycogen by the time i start the cardio so I think it is genuinely working to shed fat.
Once I am closer to 85 kg I will start separating the work outs into body parts per day with more focus.
And start to look at running these distances in faster times on a separate work out.
To be on the safe side and because i think i deserve It !! I am having a Chinese take away this Friday night and a movie I want to make sure I get enough calories to prevent any rebound weight gains.

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Thanks for the update. Are you trying to develop any part of the body in particular? You seem to be focusing on chest and back. Let me know if you need any exercise advise too as I can help there.

Hi James
That was just an example of one day.
I use a similar regime over the whole body.

The effects are amazing so far, regarding the combination of exercise with a mostly huel diet.

I am still not into my 4th bag incredibly but then I have an incredibly slow metabolism I should imagine as I get into the sub 90 kg weight my apertight will go up.
I may even be getting close to that now.
The lighter I get the faster I can run and the harder I can lift.
its all good thus far

Great - keep us posted

Well, that 2 week supply lasted me a month!
Right up to the day I flew to my holiday .
I have lost a ton of weight feel great look better and was not shy at the pool while holiday !
awesome !
I kept to cold, healthy salads cheeses, and olives etc for the week and consumed around 8 beers and 5 ice creams.
I will buying another £84 package ASAP to continue the journey !


Great; glad you got on well, David :slight_smile:

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Got a new job looking forward to pay day been broke, during the transition phase !
will be re supplying !


Hey champ, I’ve been in a similar situation and I’m still climbing out of it, Huel seems like a perfect product for people like us who have to focus on the struggle. your thinking it out and that’s the only way. Best of luck.