New To Huel: My Assessment So Far

So, I’m theee days in on about a 90% Huel per day diet.

I’m buzzing - I’ve already noticed my physical output has increased, I have higher energy levels and my general mood/well being had peaked a touch.

I know it’s too early to say, but this has been a very positive start for me and coupled with my fitness tracker, I think I can achieve my goals here.

Now, I’m a big foodie - I love to graze, and with Huel in my life, I can look forward to my meal in the evening knowing I’m getting the goodness in my body through out the day.

Yup. Chuffed so far! Any other newbies fancy sharing their experience?



Yes, I’m similar, though I’m into my second month now and still feeling great.

I’m replacing 1-2 meals a day, most days. I’ve lost weight that I didn’t expect to lose (and that’s just fine!), plus two cravings I was barely aware of - for bread and chocolate - have effortlessly evaporated.

What’s not to like??


So great to hear from you both about your experiences. I’m like you Carl, having Huel during the day means that my evening meal is a bit of an occasion and I have more motivation to make it a good one. Great we are controlling your cravings too @Lighteater.

How have the last 10 days been?

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Hey Tim.

Yes, still going well - in fact, got my next order coming through tomorrow. 100% glad I’m getting into this - between me, you and the gatepost, I’ve struggled since leaving HM Forces just over 2 years ago. Work has been irregular, eating habits and fitness out of the window, and now I’ve started to eat complete - I can honestly say over the last 2 weeks, my energy has lifted, as has my mood and general outlook on life, and I can only blame having the goodess of Huel has helped to aid this. I’m not saying it’s the fundamental answer, but it’s leaving me free to sort out the other things in my life if that makes sense. Sounds a touch dramatic, but for me something is clicking.

But yeah - haha - going well indeed.



Rushes to the printer and starts printing 8 full size billboards

Seriously though, thanks for the feedback. It’s absolutely amazing to read of your great experiences!