New Huel Journey Begins

Hi Guys

My first order arrived yesterday and I had my first meal this morning for breakfast (3 level scoops + 550ml Water). My first impressions are really positive. I really enjoyed the taste and texture. It wasn’t too sweet or too bland (vanilla). That was 2 hours ago and I still feel full.

I chose to try Huel because my lifestyle is sedentary and I really need to improve my health, from 8 in the morning untill 6 I am sat at a desk. Needless to say I am overweight and feel tired and rubbish all the time too. I generally live off supermarket meal deals for lunch and snack on whatever I can sniff out in between.

Evening meals are rushed and not always the healthiest, as we have kids the only spare time I get is late in the evenings or weekends. My goal is to replace breakfast and lunch with Huel and work on organising healthy evening meals. Thats all I have time to post at the moment but I’m looking forward to the journey ahead and sharing with the Huel community :slight_smile:


Take your time even if you dont see results straight away mate as long as your eating less calories you will lose what you want eventually.

Never give up and be the best you can be you deserve it.