New to Huel - diary of sorts

Hello, Huel arrived the day before yesterday. I have been trying it out as an experiment to see it’s a suitable replacement for conventional lunches and possibly breakfasts too and hoping that it will possibly help me reduce a small amount of abdominal, arm and facial fat if I am reducing some unnecessary calories from my daily diet. I am not overweight, but I have been making a lot of effort to attend as many fitness classes as I can during the week and the results are not revealing themselves as quickly as I would like, despite putting in what feels like a lot of work! Which makes me want to take a look a bit closer at my diet. I’m a very fussy eater and find it very hard to find a healthy option on the move, due to being a bit phobic about certain salad ingredients (onions are the big one). Here are my experiences so far:

Day one: I went straight for my first Huel as an evening meal, as it was my earliest opportunity. 3 scoops and just 400 ml of water, which I realised was under the typical amount. I liked the taste, but did not feel full afterwards. Perhaps I should have had a solid meal after two fitness classes, but I was keen to try my order out ASAP.

Day two: Huel for breakfast this time - another three scoops of vanilla flavour but this time with an extra 100ml in the Nutrabullet. Consistently was much thicker, but was maybe a little too much for the Nutrabullet to hold. This time it made me very full, perhaps a bit too full for breakfast and the morning in general. Had my lunch of a salad 45 minutes later than usual as a consequence.

Day three: Went for berry flavour this time, same amount except this time I mixed 3 scoops with 400ml water (to prevent blender from overflowing), then transferred it into the Huel shaker with another 100ml followed by a good shake. Sadly, it seemed to be somewhat thinner than the previous attempt and didn’t do much to fill me up, so I had a couple of rice cakes and two small bananas. I’m a bit confused as to why this is, when yesterday’s serving was so much thicker, as well as filling. I was hoping the Huel would be all I would need to consume between these meals, no more need for mid-afternoon snacks… (This followed a protein shake for breakfast (my usual breakfast) and two fitness classes)

I’m trying out just one Huel a day in order to try and minimise bowel issues. If you have any tips for me based on what I have done so far, then I’d be interested to know. Thanks!

I’m doing 3 scoops, 3 ice cubes, and 500ml water using u/u or vanilla.
If I want a thicker version I use milk or a milk substitute.
Used a Kenwood blender originally but bought a NutriBullet specifically for Huel and tend to not bother with their shaker now, just drink it from the large cup :yum::+1: