Brand new hueller

Tomorrow morning will mark the beginning of my huel journey. I recieved my first pouches today and plan on having huel breakfast and lunch, plus some fruit at lunch time and a healthy balanced dinner. The aim is to maintain or hopefully gain some muscle and lose a lot of excess fat. Will keep this updated, need to get myself significantly fitter by September as I am planning on entering a kyokushin (karate) tournament and losing because of poor stamina or fitness is not an option!


OK so first impressions of huel… Oh God! Its so sweet and thick, gross how am I gonna be able to do this, what have I wasted my money on, nooooo! Then realised I totally fudged the proportions of huel to water, some quick 6:30am rush to work calculations… Actually, not so bad, bit oaty, pleasantly vanillary… Not overly keen on the sweetness, maybe I need to add a little something, have seen cinnamon suggested… Started off today feeling mega bloated and gross (ate far too much bread yesterday, bad idea). Split my breakfast into two parts, had half before leaving the house, will have the rest when I get to work… Will see how I feel when lunch comes around if I want to split it again…

Might not bother with weight because I am planning on building a bit of muscle so not sure how much my weight will change… My bigger concern is my waist, want to get that down significantly…
Currently a devistating 43 inches (very bloated) long term goal is 34"
Lets do this!

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I have my breakfast bottle and my water bottle next to me… it’s always funny when I reach for a bottle without thinking and take a sip and go “ergh! It’s so watery!” and then realise I was drinking from the wrong one… doh!

I hated the aftertaste when I first had it, but I’m already used to it and find it just fine :). Are you blending and chilling overnight? That seems to help! I fill my blender bottle to half with water, then add the powder, and then top it up with water - that seems to work a treat for me :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Huel family! It’s great to hear your thoughts. As Sunflower said, chilling it, adding ice (or my favourite adding coffee) will reduce the sweeteness and make it nicer for you. It’s all about experimenting to learn how you like Huel!


I find adding cocoa powder (49kcal per tbsp), a tablespoon of instant coffee and ice really helps. The cocoa and coffee are both bitter, which balances out the sweetness and add a great flavour.