Starting the Huel Adventure


Just received my first batch of Huel. All very exciting!!

Bit of context. I’m 38, 5ft 9 and about 95kg. So I am firmly in “tubby funster” territory. Since Christmas I have dropped about 5kg through abstaining from bread, crisps and chocolate and upping the exercise count from “little” to “some”.

Someone at work recommended Huel - I am a little sceptical but committed to giving it a fair crack. I’ll be replacing two meals during the day (Breakfast and lunch) during the week, and seeing what happens over the weekends during precious family time…

I’ll give this a go. I’m interested in whether it will work, whether I’ll enjoy it, and whether I’ll be able to control the windy pops that seem to accompany new “Huelers”



My first batch just arrived too, I’m also curious to see how it works out.

Hope your adventure goes well, keep us updated!

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I’m new too, let’s stay in touch :slight_smile:

Welcome @Georgia_O_Carolan and yes indeed, newbies should stick together. I’ll try and post updates on how I’m getting on, I’ve just started a new topic for my waffle and background in fact.

P.s @Barry_B meant to say well done on your weight progress so far.

Welcome and good luck guys and gals, I’m one week in and down 1.2kg.
Takes the effort out of meal planning and the guess work out of calorie counting.

First proper day today, I’m usually starving pretty much 24/7 (avid grazer, eat fruit and crunch carrots all day long) just had my two 3 scoop shakes today and feeling really good. Can’t remember last time I didn’t have a mid morning crash if I didn’t eat. How are you getting on?


So far so good! I started at 9:30 for my first three scooper, which lasted until about 12. I then had my second one at 1pm, which has lasted to 4pm.

In the main, apart from a couple of “lumpy mouthfuls” (!), it’s not been too bad. Not massively hungry - had an apple for something to chew which was nice, and the creme egg which has been on my desk all day is still untouched.

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What kind of shaker do you use?

I have one with a metal coil spring ball inside and it destroys the lumps; with other types of shakers I’ve found it to have the odd lump.