Fresh Start : Huel Day 1

Hi All,

First day for me today - Huel arrived 3 days ago however didn’t think it would be wise starting on a bank holiday. Really looking forward to it.

My plans is to look to use Huel twice a day breakfast and lunch with a meal with the family.

Got the vanilla with choc powder so for breakfast thinking about adding some coffee and ice and fingers crossed in my mind this will taste identical to an iced mocha (wishful thinking?). Lunch will just be a plain shake I think.

Going to hit the gym and become more active too as really looking to loose quite a bit of weight. Definitely could spare 4 stone… dropped this 2 years ago but fell out of love with running and it has slowly come back.

Anyhow will update tomorrow after first day to see how things are going.



Hi Mart,

Good luck with everything. I look forward to reading about how you get on :slight_smile:

Hi Mart, good luck! I’m 12 days into my Huel journey, so basically a beginner like you. :slight_smile: Let your body adjust to the new “stranger”, and I hope you’ll love Huel as I do already! And next week I’ll try Granola for breakfast. :slight_smile:

So it’s day 2…

Yesterday was interesting typically (the old me) would miss breakfast and have a hearty lunch… However missing breakfast and just a 2 scoop shake for lunch wasn’t clever… I was a shaking, wobbly wreck by time dinner actually arrived.

So this morning I’ve started with a 2 scoop vanilla & chocolate with a dash of decaf coffee for flavour :ok_hand: just need to pop some ice in there tomorrow.

Decided I’m going full hog with this and weighed myself for the first time in a very very long time… currently sitting at 20st 12 but comfortably know from what I’ve read sticking to this and keeping up the exercise it will soon come down!

Speak soon



Soo… it’s been a while…

Just over a month down… but also 1st 3lbs down…

I’ve been doing exactly as set out… breakfast & lunch…maybe the odd beer with the World Cup going on!!!

Just tried my new flavour boost this morning… been using chocolate however went for the mint chocolate… it’s soo good! Tastes like a milkshake when really cold! Can recommend!!!

Hopefully this time next month with be saying 2st… :crossed_fingers:t2: