First day with Huel

Porridge for breakfast with coffee, Huel for lunch and a ‘normal’ evening meal. Plus went for a 45 min run. Feeling rather hungry!!

Was pretty fit up to Christmas, then struck down with a cough that wouldn’t shift. At 5ft 10 I weigh in at 91kg. Need to knock at 10 kilos.

Today feels like cold turkey, so it’s tough mentally. But I’ve always found it hard to shift my weight, and at 46 yrs old I’m hoping Huel will do the job.

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Welcome and good luck!

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Thank you.

Stick with it. I found the first week quite hard. I said I was only going to try it for two weeks, but by the time the first week was over I was feeling healthier and my hunger had definitely dipped. Done about 5 weeks now on 2 huel meals and a regular one and feel great. Best of luck with it!


Thank you. That’s good to hear!