First few weeks

Very pleased with my experience in the first few weeks with Huel. I went straight for two meals a day and found no difficulty adjusting. The Vanilla flavour works well for me and I add frozen berries at breakfast and most of the time something at lunch such as Cinnamon or Ginger powder. I tried adding Curry powder for an evening meal the other day and it worked well. I know there is enough fibre in Huel for me as my body is working well which is a good sign. I lost 2kgs weight in this first few weeks and will want to lose a little more, about 5kgs, and then maintain. Particularly enjoy coming back from a run and making a Huel meal, and also having Huel at lunch at work instead of some over priced rubbish from nearby. I love how much time Huel saves me making breakfast and lunch - because it saves me time and is easy it means I manage my food intake much better, this means I am more motivated to make better choices when I eat a meal at home or at a restaurant. I prefer using a blender and bought a simple one for the office also, a hand blender works well enough too. Support from Huel HQ has been great, I had a few questions when ordering and I got quick responses and a good feel about the company. I found the videos on How To very useful but its all so simple there is not many questions to ask. Knowing that Huel is Vegan helps a great deal, I have been on and off Vegetarian and Vegan for years and find it difficult to be consistent, but at least 2/3rds of the time I can be consistent by eating Huel and am grateful for that. Finally, when I put my first Huel pouch in the recycling I made a mental note of how much packaging I had not used for breakfast and lunch during those days and that felt really great.

So thank you Huel founders, very grateful to you and wish you and all the Huelers out there much happiness.


Great news!

I’m doing exactly the same regime and is having similiar benefits. Keep us updated on how you are doing!

Is there anything specific you’re trying to achieve?

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Thanks Seany,

I think if I was trying to achieve anything particular it would be 5kgs of excess fat I carry, feel fitter from running and maybe do a 5k or 10k race in June in Malta just to finish a race as a new experience rather than anything competitive which does not interest me, I am up to 8k runs now and currently working on increasing speed and lengthening distance, my target would be a 10k in 1hour.

Discipline, that is the issue ! I fail in being consistent except for eating which I manage to do easily :smile:

Eating is one of the great pleasures of being human! Enjoy it. You’ll get there! If you believe you can.

If snacking is your problem, try spacing out some shakes to curb that urge. Also think about the foods you eat also, eat sensible, and you can eat a ridiclous amount of different, tasty and filling food!

Hi Seany,

Good ideas, I have tried a few 100% Huel days and they went OK, surprised at not feeling hungry. It enabled me to change to 2 scoop mixes and then eat at 9,1,5,9 or around those times.

If having an evening meal I tried to do 3 Huel meals with 2 scoops and then eat, this worked out well especially when I had a run after work as the 3rd Huel really helped by not arriving home hungry.

Still struggling with making consistent good non Huel food choices and if my head off balance I do the food comfort thing in the evening but am making some progress, 100% Huel days would help in those moments too !