My huel journey so far

I have been using huel for a couple of months now, just once a day for breakfast, I now use it as a mid morning snack. A week or so in I decided to stop eating animal products and i now eat a plant based diet.
Its the best thing I have done, I’m now 1 and a half stone lighter, have an abundance of energy and am more motivated because of it. Just got my first allotment plot and am looking forward to lovely veg!!


Really pleased you are getting along so well with Huel and the weight loss is fantastic. Clearly the result of dedication and hardwork. Allotment sounds great too. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress.

I’m delighted to hear you’ve gone plantbased. I am too and have been using huel for work lunches for about 5-6 months - options are limited where the office is based and it’s too time consuming to make nutritious and interesting lunches 5 days a week. Huel has been a revelation. Good luck on your continuing Huel journey :smile:

I’ve never felt better eating any other way and I seem to have naturally come down to my natural weight without any effort at all. I know what you mean re lunches, I have salad everyday which I add plenty of humus to which adds a few more calories to it