4 months in

Hi all,

I’ve been on Huel for approximately four months and wanted to leave an account of my experience, and some feedback.

After many years of problems, I had my thyroid removed around two and a half years ago. Since this time, and despite my efforts I’ve slowly put on weight. I decided to try Huel in part for the weight loss aspect, but also largely due to curiosity. Additionally, I debated veganism for several years prior, and Huel seemed to offer an easy route into this. Preparing vegan food isn’t particularly difficult of course, but the idea of ‘re-learning’ all three meals at once always seemed intimidating to me for some reason. As someone whose thought process is unforgivably binary, phasing into veganism one meal or one product at a time didn’t seem an option - it was all or nothing.

The first Huel I tried, I wasn’t particularly sold on. It tasted a little earthier than I expected, but I was determined to replace two meals a day. The next one I had was twice as enjoyable, and it has only improved since then. It wasn’t long before I looked forward to Huel o’clock. I have had Huel for breakfast and lunch almost every day for just over four months, and on perhaps 9 or 10 occasions I have done 100% Huel days. When I have prepared an evening meal, they’ve also all been vegan. Having to only consider one meal a day has made the change almost seamless for me. I also increased my water intake significantly, from perhaps 1L a day to 4L a day.

Within 7 weeks of starting I lost 2 stone (~13kg / 28lb) and now at 4 months in I’ve lost approximately 4.5 stone (~28.6kg / 63lb). My weight has stabilised at a much more reasonable number and I feel that I have more energy and a better mood than ever in my life before. Some of the credit for this will go to the increased water intake and the overall vegan diet, but Huel has undoubtedly played a central role for me as well. It has effectively served as a spring board for me to achieve a complete change of lifestyle in a short space of time. I intend to keep using Huel the same way I have been for the foreseeable future.

Thank you to those responsible for creating this awesome product, because it has helped to significantly improve my life.

tl;dr this shit is amazing


Thanks for sharing your experience, certainly gave me more confidence that I can do it!

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Thanks for the helpful and insightful reply, today is Day 1 of my Huel journey and your story is encouraging.

Good luck! :slight_smile: