4 months on Huel has changed my life

I moved to the UK in September and for my first month here, I was eating horribly. It was either really unhealthy takeout or just pure carbs for the most part. Prior to moving here, I’d gained about 11 kilos at uni (Yikes!). For a 5’4’’ guy, I was at 71 kilos, not really the best point for my body, considering i used to be on sports teams in high school. I couldnt even play 15 minutes of decent football (or soccer, for the Americans here) anymore without feeling winded.

Read about Huel in November and decided to give it a shot. I’ve been using 75% Huel right from day 1, with each of my Huel meals being 500 calories each. Cooked a light dinner myself or ate out in case I went out for dinner with the lads. Daily calorie intake was probably between 1300-1800 calories, depending on the day.

About a month and a half in, I could feel a huge difference in how my body functioned. Running wasnt as hard anymore, I wasn’t feeling as tired anymore throughout the day, even if i worked out or played football (which i can comfortably play 60-70 minutes for now). My cravings were minimal as well.

Went on vacation during Christmas break, I didnt have access to Huel for about 3 weeks. Somehow, subconsciously, that helped me control what I ate on vacation instead of binging on pizza and steak like usual. I honestly didnt like the way those foods made me feel and was pretty glad to be back home just so i could continue the Huel regime.

Fast forward to today, I’ve dropped 5 kilos about 4 1/2 months. Couldn’t be happier with the results so far! For the first time in a very long time, I feel good about my body. Can’t wait to see the results in another couple months from now as well.
Was Huel the only reason I dropped weight? Probably not, considering I did include a bit of exercise after I started drinking it. But i can tell you for a fact that it played a HUGE part in how i changed my daily routine. Its helped me limit atleast 2 meals a day to 500 (healthy) calories each. And more importantly, it’s helped me overcome the mental aspect of dieting and exercise.

So i just wanted to say to the entire Huel team, thank you so very much. Keep doing what you’re doing!


Thank you so much for taking the time to write this and for choosing Huel. I’m ecstatic that Huel has been such a positive influence in your life. Congratulations on the sustained weight loss and the positive relationship you have garnered with food will hopefully continue also.

This is really heartwarming to read, I’ll make sure all the office can give it a read because these sorts of messages really make our days and weeks fly by!

Keep up the hard work :smiley:

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