2 weeks on huel

So I started huel 2 weeks ago and even though people said to start gradually I thought f**k it and went 100%. I’m an all or nothing person. A little background about myself. I suffer with depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, fatigue, gambling addiction etc and I would binge on 4000+ calories a day. I started huel as a bit of an experiment to see how it would affect my lifestyle (energy, concentration, anxiety) and the first few days were the worst. I felt tired, bowel movements, farting, the lot. And after about a week, I was in a routine of drinking huel 3 times a day. I got so used to the taste that I stopped using flavorings and actually quite enjoy the lumps. It’s almost like the crumble in apple crumble. I started playing football 3 times a week and going on runs. For the first time in 3 years I plucked the courage to go on the bus alone. I now feel less depressed, I have more energy and no tiredness throughout the day. My concentration levels have gone through the roof (I’m learning 5 new programming languages at the same time), I can think about junk food without being tempted to eat any. I love the fact that I don’t need to cook and that these shakes have everything I need perfectly formulated which makes it so much easier to not worry about my body and what I need to be healthy. I’ve been more social and even started dating and having more confidence to ask people to hang out. I have lost 8lbs (i’m now 233lbs) and I just feel so great. The huel works out about the same price as my normal food shop and when I’m at football, I take huel to give me an energy boost and people have been approaching me asking what i’m drinking. They have noticed themselves how much of a performance boost i’ve had and today at football I scored 6 goals and also kept a clean sheet in goal. I can only see things getting much better.

thanks huel!


Did these go away?

Are 6 goals gauaranteed for every Hueler?

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congratulations, dont let the worse day break up the streak, you can do it and completely change your life for good now :heart_eyes: