2 weeks Huel Experience

Hey guys! Just thought I’d add a bit on how it’s going for me so far!

I’ve been taking Huel (unflavoured) twice a day for 2 weeks. Sometimes adding a third shake if I’m hungry or really busy. I usually take it in the morning and then for lunch/early evening, before I eat a solid meal in the late evening.

I’m 185cm and 85kg and started going to the gym again this month after a break of around 2 months due to work commitments (first time I’ve stopped training in 2 years).

Glad to say that I’ve enjoyed it so far. Though the shakes aren’t as satisfying as real food, of course, they more than make up for this in the convenience factor. I don’t feel too hungry and It actually feels pretty clean. If anything I’ve been getting crazy sugar/salt/fat cravings in the evenings, which is probably a sign that I’m on a healthier diet. Last 2 months have been so busy I’ve had more takeaways than last 2-3 years put together.

My workouts have been good (usually before my evening meal so only on Huel shakes) and I haven’t noticed any signs of it affecting me. Sure, maybe it’s not the same as having 300grams of chicken with 200grams of rice and veg as a pre-workout but it’s more than sufficient and does the job pretty well. I’m slowly getting stronger from my 2 month break and it feels great.

There’s been a lot about mixing on this forum. And sorry to say this, guys, but I think a lot of people are sweating the small stuff. Maybe it’s because 2-3 years ago I spent a year downing the most unmixable and DISGUSTING protein shakes, that Huel is like drinking the elixir of gods to me. I don’t need a blender at all (something I was worried about as I don’t have one), I simply add scoops and water and shake and it’s fine, just open my throat up and down the thing. Taste, again, is heavenly compared with my protein shakes in the past. For me it’s about the clean nutritional content and not the enjoyable aspects of food (that I leave for my evening meal), and not taste or even texture, as long as I can swallow it without throwing it back up. This is very easy to do with Huel, it’s even enjoyable as I feel like it satiates hunger straight away.

So far it’s been going well - will order another batch.

Only thing is I wish the shakes you guys sold were a bit cheaper than 5 quid. I really want another one so I have two I can carry around with me for convenience.

Thanks all!

Thanks for the feedback. What sort of workouts are you doing?

Hey James!

Mainly strength/weight training. Been working my way back after my break, progress has been good for first 2-3 weeks into my training. My workout looks something like this:


Chest -

  • 6 sets of benchpress at around 6-12 reps (2x60kg and 2x70kg and 1x80kg 1x90kg);
  • 6 sets of incline dumbbells at similar reps with 2x22/2x24/2x26;
  • 3 sets of incline flies usually with 8-14kg depending on how i feel and how slow I want to do them;
  • 3 sets of cable flies (either for normal chest or from a lower position for upper chest)

Biceps -

  • a set of 10kg dumbbell curls for warm up then on to 20kgx2 sets 18kgx2 16kgx1 14kgx1 12kgx1 and then finish off with 10x1 again - all for 6-8 reps per arm. By the time i’m back to 10kg again my arms are burning and even 10reps feels heavy;
  • then I go on to concentration curl drop sets with each arm starting with 14/12/10 alternating for 2-3 sets;
  • sometimes I end with a few light sets of barbell curls with really slow form for the burn and 2-3 sets of behind body forearm forearm curls.

Tuesday -

Legs -

  • 6 sets of barbell squats concentrating on form 60/70/80/85/90/90 for 6-12 reps
  • 5 sets of romanian deadlifts focusing on slow and steady reps - 40/50/60/70/80/90
  • 8 sets of calf raises - weight depends on how I’m feeling but I usually concentrate on high reps with a reasonably heavy weight and holding for 1second on each rep to feel the muscle contracting. 40-80kg
  • 6 sets of leg press 6-12 reps 50/70/90/110/120/150 kgs
  • 3-4 sets of walking lunges 12/14/16kg until I’m a rep or two away from failure.

Friday -

Back and Triceps

  • Warm up with 4x6 pull ups
  • 4 sets of Barbell rows with 40/60/70/70kg for 6-8 reps
  • 4 sets of lat pull downs 40/45/50/55/60kg for 6-12 reps
  • 3 sets Close grip bent over barbell rows 3 usually focusing on form and slow negatives 40/50/50kg
  • 4 sets Tricep cable push downs - don’t concentrate on weight here, more just go by how it feels but usually do 8-16 controlled reps to warm up muscle
  • 4 sets of dips for 8 reps
  • 4 sets of push ups concentrating on tricep
  • 3 sets dumbbell skull crushers with a comparatively light weight 6-10kg for reps and then transition onto narrow grip dumbbell press for extra tricep burn.

Sometimes i’ll add a 4th day on alternate weeks to do deadlifts/concentrate on shoulders a bit more, or to focus on a bit more cardio, but with work that’s all I can manage at the moment

The above is how my workout has been looking so far. I don’t religiously stick to all the sets, sometimes adding or removing a few sets here and there if I feel the muscle has been worked, or needs a bit more.

Did another leg workout this morning on only 1 Huel shake. Felt good. Again, it’s not the same as having a good solid meal but it’s much, much better than a simple protein shake or training fasted, in my opinion. I usually add 3-4 heaped scoops (don’t weigh it out as I don’t have scales) so it’s probably 100-150grams a shake.

I’m just training to build my strength and conditioning back a bit with the time I have in the gym. Already feel much better most of the time, and feel much more relaxed. Huel is helping keep my diet clean and saving me loads of time and worry over what to eat and missing meals.

That’s certainly a strength-based routine! Do you plan to compete in some format?

It’s something I’ve thought of doing but perhaps when time allows it. My schedule is so hectic at the moment.
For now, I’m simply happy with consistency in terms of training, and slow strength gains along with improved conditioning. If I can achieve those three things, and make small incremental improvements, then I’m happy. :smiley:

Thank you for Huel - it’s been a great product so far! I just checked and I’m running out faster than I thought, my scoops are probably too heaped. Will order more!

Just ordered another 2 week supply!! Feels good!! :smiley:

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