Two weeks of Huel

I’ve been drinking Huel for a bit over two weeks now, with the last few days being 2000cals or a bit more of Huel, with some toast or crisps and fruit now and again. I am enjoying it greatly! Haven’t used the kitchen since I started :slight_smile: I am more awake and energetic than previously, and I am also drinking less coffee now and even starting with some mild exercise. I’m also a lot more cheerful too! I think I was clenching my teeth to push through the day which left me tired and grumpy, and I’m much better off now. I’ve also gotten many interested questions from co-workers at lunch, it’s a neat talking point :slight_smile:


Great - glad you’re getting on well. It certainly does get people talking :slight_smile:

I’ve had a similar experience of feeling more enegetic, drinking less coffee. I’m replacing breakfast and lunch with Huel which has eliminated a big headache and expense from my life. I started my second week last Thursday.