My First Two Weeks with Huel

I’ve just started using Huel on recommendation from a friend. I am a 52 year old woman and I eat fairly healthily and do a lot of exercise. I run approx 20 miles a week and cycle to work every day, only about 3 miles though. I decided to use Huel as a meal substitute as I’m not very keen on sandwiches which is what I normally eat for lunch at work. I make my own sandwiches so Huel does not really save me a great deal of money, but it’s so worth being able to have this instead. I prepare it the night before in a blender and leave it in the fridge overnight and at work until it’s time to have it. As I am not bothered about the calorie count I so I put frozen fruit or bananas in to give it a bit of flavour.

I found it gave me a bit of a stomach ache to start with, but after 2 weeks of one Huel meal a day that seems to have settled down. I have read some of the threads on this very subject with great amusement.

I also run on Saturday morning and then just have time to come home and get changed before playing tennis, so a nice Huel drink in between that works really well. I love the taste of the vanilla, but ordered coffee as well which is not so good so I will stick with vanilla from now on.


Sounds like you’ve found a good balance with Huel already.


The first two weeks of Huel for me went with out a problem. But for the past two weeks out of the four weeks that I have been on it, I’ve been experiencing periodic stomach cramps. It seemed to have got a bit better but today it hit me hard about 5 minutes after I consumed it.
I’m 36, strong and healthy and never get ill apart from a cold every now and again.
I’m unsure if it’s the Huel or a stomach flu. It just seems weird it started after two weeks.

That does seem a bit strange, have you changed how much Huel you have? My stomach has settled down completely now but I still only have one meal of three scoops a day.