2 weeks of having huel and my STOMACH 😧


This is my second full week of Huel
However I am only having huel for breakfast
My stomach seems to always hurt/cramp every few hours
There is a lot of flatulence which smells terrible and I’ve never had an unbearable smell of flatulence(I understand usually they do smell but since huel it’s literally disgusting - sorry for being impolite)
My bowel movements are once every day but it’s not a normal one well it’s a little more softer but now when I have to go I have to go

I’m really struggling with this part of huel and not sure what to do
Like I’ve just woken up and I have a stomach ache this is usually the case every single day and the stomach ache happens throughout the day random times

:frowning: sorry for such an open post but just wondering if anyone else is or has been on the same boat

Any advice would be appreciated



I saw the title of your post and was like, “Yes! Someone is having the same problems as me” (as bad as that sounds :see_no_evil:)
But no, honestly, I’ve been having Huel for lunch everyday with a normal meal for my dinner and I just have the worst bloating ever.
I’m actually jealous that you’ve been to the toilet!

I hope things get better for you. I’m seriously contemplating whether to just give up or not :confused:

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Check my latest posts! You’re not alone.

Missymullins and JCW thank you for your responses

I think I’m going to go on a huel break and see if things go back to normal

I’ll be returning the unopened bag of huel in hope they take it back and the other bag I’ll keep or give to two of my colleague who are also taking huel and have had no issues

It’s constantly giving me stomach pain and feeling like I need to go to the loo

I’ve never had an issue with IBS so didn’t think this would be an issue

Nothing major has changed in my diet except huel for breakfast so a little concerned what could be happening

I hope things are better for you both with huel - keep writing it will be nice to know how you guys are getting on and hopefully better experience than me! :slight_smile:

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Don’t know if this is of any use (and if you’re in pain then you know your own body, listen to it), but it took me about 3 or 4 weeks to fully adjust to Huel. I’ve always been on 1-2 shakes a day and an evening meal, and the bloating and gas was real. But it all just kind of settled over time. When I’ve dieted before, or started really properly running, or started drinking milk again after a long diet, or switched from winter food (carbs) to summer food (salads), I’ve had this too. I think most people don’t have enough fibre in their diet, and Huel suddenly gives you a lot of high quality fibre of a couple types. Also it’s a lot more liquid. Also it’s just new. The first time I started running and switched to salads and smoothies I was having the worst cramps and even went to my doctor (didn’t think it was related to food it was so bad) and he was, like, “this happens every Summer when people start eating vegetables and meat - dietry change can give you all sorts of symptoms.” So, yeah, listen to your body - if you feel weak, dizzy, overly tired, or in pain that is acute or doesn’t subside, then stop (this applies to all things!). But if you’re just bloated and gassy you’ll get there I reckon! (and, for me, it’s been totally worth it. Now there’s nothing like any of this, Huel is just really convenient and healthy food. Switching to UU and flavouring it myself helped too).



Thank you for your response
I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I mean worst case scenario if I can’t carry on I have colleagues which are also huel-ing so I could pass the powder on to them.

I just don’t know if this time will pass with random stomach pain/cramps

Im generally not having huel to lose weight for me it’s just an added supplement if you like but for breakfast. So I don’t know if it’s other foods interfering with huel which is confusing the gut/stomach.

But I will see it through for another two weeks and see what happens :confused:

Thank you for your response and reading :smiley:

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“who are taking Huel”

Huel is not some kind of drug. You’re not taking Huel, you’re consuming it, drinking it, eating it.

Out of interest, what mixture have you been using? When I was making Huel too thick I’d experience similar to what you describe. I started having 2 x 3 scoop shakes in the morning instead of 1 x 4 scoop shakes and the issue went away a little bit. I do however still get a ‘blow out’ once a week where I’ll get agonising stomach pains and my body will ‘evacuate’ gloopy, Huel like stool. (sorry, gross…).

As of last week I’ve gone back to normal food with plenty of milk, chicken and veggies and am finding it a lot better. I’m very grateful to Huel as it’s highlighted to me a lot of nutritional issues with previous diets, but I’m really not sure human bodies are designed to cope with this slurry being poured down them 3 x a day :frowning:


I’m having two scoops with soya coconut milk but only for breakfast

I then tried two scoops with just water but only for breakfast

Still same issues to be honest. As I’m replying to your post I’ve got a stomach ache and the feeling that I need to go release my bowels but I’ve already done so. :frowning:

It’s deffo taking a toll on my stomach

Damn :frowning:

I guess your only options are either a ‘competitor product’, or going off Huel onto ‘proper food’!

yup GTIPuG

I am struggling with huel one part of me wants to stay on it and the other is just no no get off it :roll_eyes::see_no_evil:

I ended up having to take Dulcolax on Sunday because nothing was happening. I haven’t had any more Huel since Friday and my body still doesn’t feel great.
I just feel like it’s completely thrown me. My body feels sluggish and full. Not attractive at all.
It’s a shame because I enjoy the shakes and it’s so convenient for lunch but I just don’t know what to do.

The symptoms you describe are common for most people who eat any wheat products. I started with huel and after 2 weeks did an entire month just on huel and no other foods as an experiment.

I use the GLUTEN free huel and the most amazing thing was my existing bloated stomach and IBS was cured…

I now only use Huel for breakfast but still avoid any other wheat prodcuts in my diet no more IBS.


I didn’t get on with normal Huel and had the same issue , I get on MUCH better with Gluten free Huel despite me not having any issues normally with gluten so not sure why but the switch worked for me


BTW, the forum is full of feedback just like this. So you’re definitely not alone.
Usually it goes away after an adjustment period, sometimes - no.
I hope it gets better for you.

I’m a new-ish Huel user, I’m at the end of my 4th bag 2nd order and ~5th week. I normally have an extremely fragile gut… I’ve played around with a few things and have gotten to a good place where my system is in sync with the inclusion of Huel my diet. I find Huel is more disruptive when taken by itself, in large qty (more than 3 scoop servings) and without an almost equal qty of water.

It takes some adjustments, but can be done stomach disruption free.

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Before integrating Huel into my diet I switched from a pretty standard ready meal diet to one which was more clean. Think Chicken and kale.

Even this switch gave me issues but after a month weeks I found I adjusted. I think most peoples bodies need a period of adjustment.

I use the GLUTEN free huel and the most amazing thing was my existing bloated stomach and IBS was cured.

I have UC, and the gluten free Huel has made a hug improvement in bowel function and bloating. I poop normally (I know), and the six months pregnant stomach has all but disappeared.

I’ve lost regular gym routine due to work pressures, but i was beginning to see the vaguest, vaguest outline of abs.

I’m the opposite end, and always found dinner just too much food for the day. I replaced it with huel, and always feel almost completely satiated except for my sweet tooth sometimes getting the better of me.

I hope to agree with you (first day), and I read the forums A LOT for tips before I started, so that I am as fully prepared as possible. I usually have alternating IBS-D and IBS-C which I diet control as much as possible.

I’m wondering if the stomach pains and bloating many people have described are actually wind and if it may correlate to the speed at which it is consumed and/or the amount of air which is consumed in the ‘mouthful’? Just a thought…

So far, from what I have read, considered and made an informed decision about, the issues are not so much the product, rather, I think it may be complications related to ‘how’ the product is used/consumed…?

Peppermint,Fennel tea or plain hot water are excellent remedies ‘for me’ to relieve gas, bloating, wind pain, gas cramps. I also take microbiotic capsules daily. Of course, every one is different and not everyone is partial to herbal teas. I think it is down to each individual taking the time to consider what could work for them.