Stomach Pain and Nausea after 3 weeks

Hey everyone,

I have been using Huel for about a month now and the first three week everything went great.
I switched from a ‘normal’ breakfast and lunch (Eggs, Yoghurt/Quark, Bread), straight into:
Breakfast: 500ml water and 2 scoops of Chocolate/Bana powder.
Lunch: Ready to drink bottle.
All was fine for the first three weeks, then I had my birthday weekend (Fri-Su) and I skipped out on Huel as I wasn’t home.
The 3 days after that I would get extremely nauseous if I were to just chug down my Lunch as I usually would in about 5-10 minutes. If I tried slowly sipping it in about 30-60 minutes I could feel the Nausea rising and had to quit drinking it and switch to another form of Lunch. On the 4th day that week I also noticed, that after eating breakfast I would get stomach aches/pains (breakfast was still fine the 3 days before this). And I have now switched to only a single scoop and that is ‘doable’ if I slowly sip it.
I now also have very light cases of Nausea or bowel movements, even after taking only a little Huel, or after taking a normal Lunch/Diner.

My main questions are now:
1: How come I was doing fine the first 3 weeks and then after a weekend, my body just decided it could no longer handle Huel
2: How do I return to the Huel Breakfast + Lunch routine I had before this, as I was quite enjoying it and do not really wish to have to Quit Huel.

Hmm may be one for the team to answer. Can’t say I have had any issues and I suffer with IBS, in fact I seem better on Huel.

I personally wouldn’t drink two full shakes in the same day (or a shake and a RTD) however, I know others do. If I have two huel meals a day they tend to be a RTD and a H&S or H&S and a Shake, sometimes a bar but mostly I only subsidise my lunch with Huel.

Hey Remco,

Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble, especially after you were enjoying Huel so much at the start.

There’s no obvious reason why Huel would be making you feel nauseous. It could be any number of factors such as what you ate over the weekend or a change in exercise routine.

I’d recommend taking a bit of a break then slowly reintroducing Huel back into your diet.

Wow, some quick answers while I was away at work.
As far as I could tell, the only big change in my routine was that I had a weekend without Huel and a little bit less exercise.
But the switch back to Huel was basically the same as when I just started out and went from no Huel to 1 shake and 1 RTD every day.
I am indeed going to start out slowly now. A single 1 scoop shake for breakfast and then slowly increasing again.
I was just really curious how it could suddenly hit me so bad, after having had no negative side effects at all when I just started out.

How did you celebrate your birthday over the weekend? Did you over-indulge in anything that could have upset your system?

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Surely not on their birthday

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Well, in the food department I actually did not do anything crazy. Just some sandwiches for Breakfast and Lunch. And I had a same kind of diner I did in the 3 weeks before, when I was doing Huel twice a day.
On the drinking department I was quite generous with the Beer and Liqour.

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Perhaps it was the drinkies that did it. Sounds like your stomach is a bit irritated. Possible?

White Bread? As I’ve got older, crappy carbs tend to bloat and tire me out. Especially if I’ve eaten well for a period of time. White bread, cereals. I seem to have acquired this effect since making healthier diet choices years back.

I’m wholewheat where possible, now. Might be something worth experimenting with?

A 500ml shake and a RTD is a big jump to start with. It could be that your body is not ready for that much yet, even if it did cope the first few weeks

That might be it, do I did have a few beers the first weekend I started doing Huel and was doing just fine…

No, just regular brown bread.

Yeah, I am now just slowly gonna build it up. Just weird that it took my body a few weeks to find out it wasnt ready for this yet XD

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