Heartburn and Nausea

Anyone else experience this? I have been using Huel, 2 scoops for breakfast and lunch but finding it hard to digest. Popping Rennes like sweets and feel nauseous after eating it. I like the taste and the convenience but don’t seem to be able to digest it!

I never experienced anything like this, although i started using huel gradually. I would say that it could just be your body adjusting to the new diet or your drinking it to fast.

Also look at what your eating alongside huel vitamin C in known to cause heartburn and nausea in high amounts.

Give it a week and see if it settles down, if not huel might just not be for you.

Are you drinking enough water? Huel has lots of fibre so drinking extra water is a good idea

How quickly are you consuming your Huel @Shabser?

I have never experienced acid reflux until I started consuming HueI. Now I get it fairly regularly, but not all the time. It’s definitely caused by Huel but for me there are other factors at play - it seems I can’t tolerate it late at night as my evening meal, or if I’ve been consuming citrus fruits or orange juice.
It seems worse if I have a sweetened premix plus a flavour boost, but never if I have UU, or mix it 50/50 with unsweetened.
It also affects me if I exercise or am very active too soon after drinking it (it’s easy to forget you’ve just had a full meal because psychologically you’ve only had a drink).

It suits me best as breakfast, on an empty stomach, or post-workout, again on an empty stomach

I’ve not experienced gastric reflux or nausea using Huel but have with some other drinks/shakes. Are you using Huel on an empty or full stomach and what flavour or combination are you using. How quickly are you consuming your Huel?

Yep I get the old reflux with Huel. Or I should say used to get. I was treated for it (esomeprazole I think it was called) but the best thing I did was start making the shakes thinner. There’s some other advice here on the forum, try using the search function with terms like heartburn, reflux etc

I get acid reflux if I make my shakes too watery. Less water works better for me. Max 400ml water/plant milk per 100g Huel is fine.

Huh. Guess bodies are weird

Same here. Been drinking Huel for a month now, 2 scoops + 500ml water, breakfast and lunch. Gives me heartburns every single time, even when I try drinking it slowly. I’ll sadly say goodbye to Huel…