Anyone else experiencing some mild heartburn while on Huel? I think this might just be a transition symptom for me from solid food (I was a huge carnivore and sugar addict) to liquid nutrition. I get it about an hour after consumption. And I am finding that a couple of tums tablets alleviates my symptoms. And I can certainly deal. But I hope it isn’t my body reacting to Huel itself. I am enjoying my experience so far. And I want to make Huel a regular part of my diet for the foreseeable future.


It’s not uncommon when first starting with Huel and it has been brought up / discussed a couple of times. I had it and mine lasted about 6 months to be honest. Reducing my portion size from 120g to 90g helped a lot at the time and looking back now 120g was too big anyway.

Me too… still trying to solve

Iirc i had it for a few weeks and I backed off the portion size to help resilve . Np now

Morning David,

Heartburn shouldn’t be an issue with Huel. You might find consuming Huel more slowly will help; also make sure you don’t consume Huel at the same time as hot beverages.

Exactly the opposite in my case, the faster the better

I’ve never had heartburn until I started on Huel a week ago. I see you say not to have a hot drink with Huel.
I usually have a cup of tea right after my Huel. Will the heartburn stop if I wait with my hot drink?

I recently (after 11 months of Huel) started getting significant throat pain. A visit to the ENT specialist confirmed it as Silent Reflux, a form of indigestion and reflux. I have Huel most days for breakfast and lunch, along with fruit and nuts and lost a fair bit of weight - so I would class it as successful…

However, this pain was causing me some concern and I tracked back when it started and saw it coincided with starting on the new and improved Vanilla flavour. When I ordered in April, I ordered two of the old vanilla - low and behold after a week - the pain has gone!

Now it’s not particularly scientific, as I have also taken Aloe Vera juice with my Huel once a day (15ml) and acidophilus - but it has worked.

Can I suggest some people try this.

Also, I would love to know the chemicals which make up the different flavour and see if this/these have previously caused problems. Either way, I will be ordering the old from now on

I was getting heartburn to a degree. Try dringing water after Heul - solved it for me.