New hueler - really bad heartburn

Hello all, new hueler here, thinking about trying it for a long while but finally decided to give it a go, primarily because of my yo-yoing weight over the last few years, and that I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to lunch prep.

I’ve been using it to replace breakfast and lunch for the last 5 days with 2x 75g/400ml mixes, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. My main problem at the moment is that I’m getting incredibly bad heartburn about an hour after consuming one, and it lasts for a good 3-4 hours after that.

I’m assuming that this is due to the now radically increased fibre in my diet (I’m guilty of eating a lot of processed food). Will it pass with time, or how can I alleviate the symptoms? It seems to be mildly improved after making my huel more dilute (previously using 300ml), but it’s still quite unpleasant.

Quite a few people seem to get heartburn with Huel, and from the posts on the forum it seems to be more common with the vanilla flavour. I did get it for a while ages ago, but don’t now, although funnily enough did a couple days ago, but that’s first time in ages. Unfortunately for me I had a history of getting heartburn and acid reflux caused by xiphoid process problems, probably onset by rowing (not arguing type of rowing).

Don’t see a clear answer to resolving it, though switching to unflavoured does seem to help many people.


I went through the heartburn cycle with Vanilla. I got it quite bad when I started with 120g/600ml and it slowly got better as the months went on. I also dropped down to 90g/450ml and that helped a lot. Looking at my diet back then I doubt there was much fibre at all. My breakfast cereal was very low in fibre.

I don’t think anybody has a solid answer to this but the general conscious is your body has to adjust to Huel and depending on how bad the diet was prior will effect how long it takes to adjust. My adjustment period was about 6 months but I don’t get any problems now.

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I’ve also wondered about the fibre issue. I had a fairly high fibre intake before buying Huel the first time and I had zero problems despite going 100% Huel for the first two weeks after buying it. So maybe my previous fibre intake is why I had no problems adapting to Huel.

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Try drinking it slowly. Like, sip it over an hour. See how that goes.


It’s only my second day with Huel and I’m getting reflux quite soon after drinking it for breakfast. I already eat lots of fibre as suggested. The only things that have caused this in the past are too many cakes or chocolate bars (don’t eat any more), over-eating (don’t do anymore) and alcohol (none for 2+ years) It is quite unpleasant, don’t think I can wait a few months like some suggested as reflux is pretty damaging to the throat and shouldn’t just be tolerated. I’ll try drinking water after as suggested.

I sometimes (rarely) experience this.

I’ve found a glass of water usually fixes it.

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